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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Below are hundreds of legitimate comments from people just like you who have purchased our tags, I get comments like these everyday. I list these to give you confidence that you "have come to the right place" to purchase an ID Tag for your pet: A durable tag that will last, with text the finder of your lost pet will be able to read. All comments are genuine and I have the originals "on file" in my office, of course I must withhold the exact names of these people to protect their privacy. The bottom line: If you don't like the pet id tag(s) you get from us we'll give you your money back. You can't beat that.

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I am a believer! I thought all tags were created equal until I got my Boomerang Tag. I initially ordered another tag from a different company and was sorely disappointed with the quality of the tag. Then I came across this website and took a gamble. Just holding the tag in your hands you can tell that it is solid and sturdy. My previous tag had a "hollow clink" when I flicked it, but this Boomerang Tag is just solid "thunk." I know this all seems like little details, but I just thought that I'd share my own personal observations about this tag. Furthermore, and most importantly, the engraving is amazing. It is deeply etched and, unlike my other silver tag, it is so easy to read the information because of the darkened text. I can't imagine ever buying a tag from anyone else after seeing the quality of this tag with my own eyes.

Cilla C, Texas

The only time I have to replace your tags is when my information changes. They are amazing!

Emily B, Oregon

I received my tag in 3 is just as nice as the first tag I ordered! I would NOT buy a tag from anywhere else... You guys are GREAT!

Barb F, Wisconsin

Just received the CollarTag for our pup, it truly is THE BEST tag we have seen in over 40 years of owning and loving dogs... Thank you!!

Chris B, Rhode Island

Three big reasons I continue to use Boomerang Pet Tags (for years now), and continue to recommend you to others: The quality of your tags is unexcelled, they arrive promptly, and you post that "Heart Warming Story for Dog Lovers." I like to do business with people like you.

Holland V, So. California

I love Boomerang Tags. I've recommended them to lots of people...

Linda F, New Jersey

Just wanted to thank you for the tags, you were right, they are the best tags we've ever seen. The engraving came out perfect.

Tom M, California

What a great tag! We ordered a CollarTag that slides on the collar and it has never once failed us! Our dog jumps the fence at least once a week and this tag has been a life saver! Totally satisfied!

Delania O, Arkansas

There are many pet tag companies listed on the Internet but over time I have found that your tags are THE BEST. I would only purchase tags from Boomerang.

Jane G, California

I ordered plastic hearts, in pink, and they are very very nice. If I didn't know they were plastic I would never believe it, they look more like wood. I was pleasantly surprised at how thick they are. The lettering is perfect, no one will have to run for reading glasses to see the print. I had just received a brass tag from another supplier, it is nearly illegible already. I like your tags so much I may order one for myself, just to match my girls. Great product!

Jacqueline B, Florida

Your tags rock! This is THEE only place I will order my tags from. The CollarTags I ordered over a year ago look brand new.

Daun P, Colorado

Wow! I am VERY sorry I ever bought tags from the pet store tag machines after receiving my order from you! There is absolutely no comparison. Your quality is absolutely unmatched by any other tag makers I have seen. I will never buy from anyone but you. I feel secure with the thought that my pets are wearing BoomerangTags. Thank you so much for a wonderful website and the highest quality tag a person could ask for! I am EXTREMELY satisfied!

Colleen N, Green Bay, Ws

I ordered a Boomerang Tag and at the same time I ordered a tag from another company. There is no comparison. I am now ordering another Boomerang Tag for the "spare" collar and leash I have for my dog. The Boomerang Tag is much easier to read and looks much better overall.

Marion C, Republic of Panama

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am. Shipping was extremely fast! We love the collar and I am quite pleased with the way the CollarTag looks. Thank you sooooo much!

Mistie, Kansas

Our dog wants to thank you for the terrific looking tag he received yesterday. It looks wonderful on his collar. We just ordered more for presents because we think they are terrific. Thank you for the great service too!

Monica F, Connecticut

I am so very impressed by the quality of your tags. My vet asked for your site address so she could recommend them to her other clients.

Barb C, Ohio

Received the tag in record time. We were impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of the tag. The slide-on CollarTag fits so well. Our neighbors have asked for your site address.

Robert K, Tennessee

I know it is a simple thing, a dog tag, but really I must compliment you on how nice the engraving is. Very prominent and easy to read. Thanks so much.

Christine B, M.D., Florida

Love your tags! We ordered one for our other dog over a year ago because he managed to lose or destroy every other tag we got for him. He is still wearing the one we purchased from you. Thanks.

Carl N, New York

I just wanted to say thank you! I received my new tags and love them. They are exactly what I wanted. Thank you for the amazingly fast service. I love when a company takes pride in their product and their service, you obviously do both.

Katrina P, Nevada

Just received our mini dachshund's CollarTag today. This is absolutely the best dog identification tag I've ever seen! Congratulations on a truly great product.

James W, United States

Our dogs round stainless and CollarTag arrive today. They are beautiful, quality tags! We couldn't be more pleased with them. Thank you for your quality products and great service! You have a nice website too.

Julia L, Louisiana

These tags represent the 9th, 10th and 11th tags that I've bought from you. Your tags have really held up. I was bringing home a puppy ...needed something immediately just to get home, so I bought one of those tags out of a vending machine in a "big box" store. Within two days the front of her white chest was charcoal grey from the tag. She has been home two weeks now and most of the letters have worn away! I intended to get her a tag from you anyway, but I was really surprised at what poor quality this temporary vending machine tag was. Thanks for doing such a splendid job!

Larkin V, Montana

Just wanted to thank you for the tags, you were right, these are the best tags we've ever seen. The engraving came out perfect.

Tom M, So. Calif.

I received my dog's CollarTag today and it is prettier than I expected -- Nice product, it's beautiful.

Lisa R, New York

What awesome service. I ordered my tags on Thursday night and they were in my mail box the following Monday. You can't beat that for speed, especially with free shipping and no tax. And the tags look great.

Tracy W, Arizona

I looked at your tags for months before I was brave enough to order them. I worried that the tags would be awful and not like you said. But they are perfect, just as you stated they would be. I received them in less than a week, there were no hidden charges, also just as you said. How refreshing that someone actually keeps their word these days! I thank you and my dogs thank you!!

Louise T, New Jersey

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful products that you offer. I can't get over the amazing quality of these tags, and for such a minimal fee! I ordered a stainless steel CollarTag for my dogs about 3 months back and it has been fantastic. The engraving is set very deep, and is holding up quite well. I love the CollarTag style, as well as the fact that he no longer jingles everywhere he goes. It's the perfect tag! I'll never have to worry about cheap tags again! Thanks again Boomerang. Keep up the good work!

Steven C, USAF

I received my dog's CollarTag today. I appreciate your fast service and admire the quality of your work. The tag is of better quality than I though it would be. The pictures you have on your web site do not do the CollarTags justice.

Kandace P, North Carolina

What a wonderful tag. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you for such excellent service!

Kelly M, Virginia

I received my cat's CollarTag and my ManTag today and I am so pleased with them. My previous cat tags were from a vending machine and the quality was poor. They are already quite worn and not very old. These CollarTags are great and there's nothing hanging down from their collars to get caught on things, drag in the food bowl or clang around and make noise. My dog's CollarTag (2 years old now) still looks like new, no signs of wear at all. I am very pleased with your tags and I'll tell anyone who needs tags that they should get them from you. Great products and great service to go with them. Thank you!

Catherine S, Oregon

Thank you for making such quality tags. I ordered from two other companies but the quality was so bad I would not use them. On one company's tags I could not ever read the text, the other did not put a metal eyelet in their tag which was very thin to begin with. I wish I had saved my money and ordered form you in the first place!

Dana E, Southern Calif.

I want to tell you how pleased I am with your product. It was delivered quickly and I am impressed with the quality.

Kristina K, Washington

WOW ! Lightning fast service! The tags look GREAT! My animals are going to be as pleased as I am. My co-worker noticed how fast I received my tags and ordered one for his pet. You guys are fantastic. THANKS!!

Irene M, Southern Calif.

This is my first order from your company, but it will not be my last. I am so impressed with the qualiy and appearance of these tags. The only tags that will ever go on my dogs' collars will be from your company. These are by far the best tags I have ever seen.

Dennis B, Tennessee

I received the tag I ordered and I just love it!!! Excellent quality!!!

Faye C, Oklahoma

Received my dog's tag so quickly! I am very happy with the quality of your tags. I will order more for my friends.

Terese N, Hawaii

Your tags are the best I have ever had, they last longer than any tag I have ever had before. The only time I ever have to replace them is when we move.

Michelle, Mississippi

I received my dog's tag yesterday and I wanted to thank you. It is definitely the best tag I have ever bought. The engraving is so dark and deep.

Gina B, New York

I just received my CollarTag today and I love it! This is a great product that all pet lovers should know about.

Ali W, Delaware

I don't want to go any where else, your tags are the best! My whole family orders from you and we all love your tags, we can see the quality, very nice!

Shawan G, Illinois

I just wanted to pass a note about how happy we are with our new tags. The quality of the tags and the appearance really are better than what I would have thought. Even my husband was impressed.

Tracie S, Nevada

Your tags rock! I ordered some a little over a year ago...and they are still in perfect condition. Thanks for offering such a great tag at such a great price!

Molly J, Texas

I just wanted to say what great products you sell. I have boomerang Tags for my 2 dogs, and they are amazing. Easy to read, I've had them for over a year but they still look brand new. I had my dog on my lap the other day and was admiring how wonderful her tag looked and decided to drop you a line. I also like that I can put a lot of information on your tags.

Jill T, New Jersey

I have been using your slide-on CollarTags with collars on my dogs for almost three years now. I originally ordered because I don't like the "jingle/jangle" hanging tags. Your CollarTags are the BEST! I have put the collar, with the tag attached, through the wash many times (usually twice a month) with no degradation of the tag, readability, or collar wear. Congratulations on an OUTSTANDING "made in the USA" product!

Lin K, Arizona

We received our Boomerang Pet Identification Tags yesterday. They are the nicest ID tags that we have ever had, and we are very happy with them. Our doggies will wear them proudly! Thank you so very much!

Sheila C, Oklahoma

My wife and I have owned a total of at least 15 dogs. Your Boomerang Tags are unquestionably the BEST we've ever seen. What has usually happened in the past is that the ring wears through the tag's soft metal and the tag falls off. Also in 3 weeks to a year, the text wears down and becomes illegible. Your procedure of deeply engraving stainless steel and filling the letters with black makes the superiority of your tags immediately obvious. We'll be directing all our dog owning friends to your web site.

Richard L, California

I ordered one of the slide-on CollarTags from your site. It was dirt cheap, arrived quickly, is the perfect size, and the quality is far superior to the many other tags I've bought from other places in the past. I'll never buy a tag for my dog from anyone else again. Thank you so much.

Jeanne D, Indiana

Thank you so much for the beautiful tags! Wow! I couldn't believe how quickly I received them.

Nanci C, New Mexico

All of our dogs have been using your tags for years, and the tags are still like new! Best of all there is no more jingling! I recommend your tags to everyone I know.

Barb K, Illinois

Thank you guys very much, terrific job. Very fast shipping, and cheaper and better than what I could have had my vet do. Thanks again.

Jim H, California

We Loooooooove the CollarTags... Thanks for the suggestion. They are PERFECT!!!!!

Kathy F, New York

Wow! You are fast and the plastic tags are excellent.

Barbara G, North Carolina

I have been SO happy with your tags. I just ordered another one as my information has changed and I added one for my new kitten. Just as expected, I received them in about 3 days and they are PERFECT! I will recommed you to every pet owner I know! Thanks for being so reliable and making such a great product! I am so impressed with the plastic tags - VERY far from cheap; and the color choices are great!!

Alison K, Alabama

Awesome tag. It is so well done that it looks like a piece of jewelry. Delivered in 3 business days.

Robert T, Illinois

We got our new kitty tags yesterday and we LOVE them. They are adorable, lightweight and it's amazing that all of that information fit on them. Wonderful!

April A, Virginia

I just wanted to tell you I received the id tags I ordered for my three dogs and they are perfect! You do a beautiful job at a reasonable price. I had three tags made in a vending machine at one of the big "box" pet stores a few months ago and it cost almost twice as much for a very cheap product. Thanks for really caring about the safety of our pets!!

Andrea Narcisi, Massachusetts

Your tag has lasted forever and is the best quality we've ever received. We've been through so many others...

Angela Andrews, Kansas

Your tags are great...keep up the good work! Excellent product, wonderful customer service, prompt delivery. I continue to order from you exclusively and tell my friends about you as well.

Sherrie T, Florida

I just wanted to say how nice of a product you offer for a reasonable price! I already ordered one tag from you, then one from another site. Your tag far surpasses the quality of the tag from your competitor, theirs is hardly readable. I learned my lesson, and just ordered 2 more tags from you. All I wanted to say was THANK YOU!

kristen L, Pennsylvania

Just a brief note to let you know how pleased I am with the tags I recently purchased from your site. It is a rare pleasure, indeed, receiving something that lives up to its promise. The quality is as you said it would be. The engraving is very easy to read and I am confident that my pets have the very best possible means of identification attached to their collars!

Sharon H, Maine

I have 12 of these tags on my cats and dogs and I love them. I have ordered more expensive tags in the past, only to have the s-hooks come off the collars, or to have the dogs play and chew up the tags so the information is unreadable. I feel so much safer with these tags on my pets. Warm regards to you and thank you so much for your prompt service.

Brooks H, Georgia

I am speechless. I ordered my dog's tag on December 29th and received it on January 3rd. Didn't you take any time off for the holidays???? Thank you for your prompt service. I will defininitely send referrals to you. Very impressive!

Judith M, New Jersey

I have told many people about the quality of your tags and of your service, and I will continue to "sing your praises." It is great to buy real quality at a fair price, and without a "Made in China" sticker. I surely wish you had some economically feasible way of advertising as I am certain others would be as happy with your product, service, and way of doing business as I am.

Al H, Alabama

These tags are awesome!! I've gone through several other tags before I found yours... the lettering would be hard to read or it would wear off quickly, or the tags would break.

Kristi T, Tennessee

Your pet tags are the best! Finally the problem of missing tags for my outdoor dogs is solved. These are strong and sturdy and really do the job. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT AND NO SALES TAX OR POSTAGE!

Cheri O, Tennessee

I just received the tags I ordered. I have never been so happy with an on-line purchase. These tags look so great on our pets. When family came over for Christmas everyone commented on them. We all went to the website and many are planning on placing orders for their pets.

Ajit P, Central Calif.

All I can say is... wow! Seeing really is believing. The adjustable CollarTag went effortlessly on my dog's martingale collar -- but it remains firmly in place. Your CollarTag is prominent enough, and the engraving is clear enough, that a good samaritan should be able to read the phone numbers without even having to grab the dog by the collar. As an added bonus, the tag has instantly transformed a rather boring looking collar into something that looks, for lack of a better word, "spiffy."

David R, So. California

The tags are all you said they would be.

Ed K, New York, NY

I love your CollarTags. I just recently ordered two new ones to replace the ones that the dogs have now. I am replacing them only because we moved. The adjustable CollarTags never came off their collars once, not even in the washing machine. I think the old ones would have lasted forever if we hadn't moved.

Terry B, Lousianna

Boy, am I impressed with the quality of your product. I am very glad I found your website. Great quality, quick ship - doesn't get any better. Easiest online purchase yet. Merry Christmas!

Adrienne C, Maryland

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the two adjustable CollarTags I received. They are really great! Wonderful quality! They fit perfectly on the dog's collars. All other tags I have purchased in the past were junk and fell off. The service and fast delivery were top notch! I will recommend these to my friends and family that own pets.

Kristen K, Cape Coral, Fl

GRRRRRRRRR8 job !!! When I received the tag for my dog, which was only a couple of days following my placing the order, I was very happy to have gotten it so quickly, what with it being Chirstmas time and all. I feel strongly about people who do good business. The price for the product was reasonable, the shipping was free, and everything arrived as promised. ... I very much appreciate the fact that there are companies out there providing the world with a good product at a reasonable price and in a quick amount of time. In other words: Thanks for re-instilling my faith in consumerism at large.

Sean J, Chicago, IL

This is the third time I have had the opportunity to order tags from your company. The quality is unsurpassed, as is the service. I recommend your tags to all my pet loving friends. Thanks for the discount and the free shipping.

Jerry D, Pensacola, Fl

I received my CollarTag today and I am very pleased. This tag is not only a great way to ID your pet but also looks very nice on my dog's collar. Also it arrived much earlier than expected, especially around the holiday.

Yvette S, S. Carolina

I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful job on my two dog tags! I was so pleased with them I am ordering another!! Happly Holidays!!

Margaux S, New Jersey

I just wanted to say that you guys ROCK. Seriously. The professionalism of your ordering / mailing / confirmation process; the speed with which our tags arrived (lightening fast); the tag quality itself. Really outstanding in every respect.

Kathryn G, Ft Myers Bch, Fl

I received the tag I ordered for my cat yesterday. It's beautiful and made of great quality. When we move next year we will be sure to order from you again.

Nelu G, So. Calif.

These tags are the best! We love them and so do our dogs. We've placed many orders because we move a lot, and the tags are always perfect and arrive in a couple of days.

Aglar, all over the U.S.A.

I received my dog's adjustable CollarTag this week and the quality is fantastic!

Martin S, Michigan

I received the tag today, and I am VERY pleased at the speed of delivery, as well as the quality and accuracy if the tag text. If ever I need another tag I will be sure to do business with you again, and I will be referring people to your site as well.

Rachel Y, So. Calif.

You have exhibited the most exemplary customer service of any on-line business I have ever dealt with.

Chris G, Encinitas, Ca

I've ordered twice from you folks and your tags are THE BEST by far. And your service... fantastic!

Frank P, Fresno, Ca

I received my dog's CollarTags yesterday when I got home. I was very pleased with them and surprised that they are made of such good quality metal.

Note: Our "metal tags" are made of non-magnetic stainless steel, won't rust even if left in salt water.

Keri S, Massachusetts

Though a dog tag seems like such a little thing, I think it's important to acknowledge good work when I see it. I couldn't help but be incredibly pleased and impressed with the quality of the CollarTag that just arrived for our dog. While paying no more than what we did for his previous (now seemingly junky) tag, there's is just no comparison with respect to quality. Great work.

Kevin H, Encino, Ca

I can't even tell you how impressed I am with your company. I've ordered from you several times and am always awed by every aspect of your service. Your web site is easy to use. Your prices are great. Your tags last forever. And your delivery is unbelievable fast.

Varina C, Minnesota

I ordered four of your CollarTags and wow, they are awesome. Because they are quite prominent on the collars I have gotten LOTS of compliments on how incredible the tags are and questions "Where can the tags be ordered?" I think you are on to something great with these CollarTags.

Kate S, Redwood City, Ca

I usually don't send companies comments about their products... but, Boomerang Tags is an exception. Your tags are GREAT!!!!! Other tags we have had in the past chipped, split, faded or snapped in half. What kind of protection is that for your dog should they get out? We have two very active dogs and Boomerang Tags have held up through daily wrestling matches. We've made sure that every single collar we have has a Boomerang Tag attached to it.

Elizabeth C, Beaverton, OR

I would like to start off by saying thank you; it's not very often anymore that you find a business that is dedicated to the customer. I have received my tags and am very pleased with the quality of the work, the shipping time and my overall dealing with this company. I was apprehensive to buy pet id tags over the internet at first, would I have to fight to get my tags? Especially when I live in Canada on the far end, away from the company. After dealing with I can honestly tell you that was not even close to being an issue. My overalll experience has been a very pleasant one; and would I ever deal with BoomerangTags again? You Bet I would. Once again, thank you !!!!

Ryan T, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the fast shipping, the great communication, and the quality product. I am very please with the tags. I thought your web site was well done, easy to use and you sounded like you really cared about doing a good job, I was right. I'm glad I chose to order from you and will tell others to use you from now on. THANKS!!!

Sue H

WOW! Everyone is right. I ordered from three different companies and your tags were the only ones that lasted more the 6 months. Plus I can transfer your CollarTags to a new collar when the old one wears out (since your tags will outwear my collars!). That is a big plus. Your tags are the BEST!

Alice R, Northern California

I was absolutely amazed at the quality workmanship that goes into your pet tags! I highly recommend "Boomerang Tags" to all my friends & family.

Frances J, Ohio

Thank you for the absolute best product. Your service is quick and efficient. Thanks for your wonderful customer service. You are great!

Angela R, Ohio

I have ordered my last 5 id tags from you and I love them. I just wanted to say thanks, they are indeed great tags. Keep up the good work... these tags are the greatest!

Sandra G, Illinois

We received our order yesterday and we are more than pleased with the tags! These are the highest quality pet tags I have ever bought. They are deeply engraved so the text won't wear off, which is the problem we had 4 months after buying our last set of tags from another company. Thank you! Will definately recommend your product!!!

Beryl C, Georgia

Yesterday I ordered my pooch a collar and CollarTag combo. It arrived today, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of this collar. Not only was it made and delivered lightning-fast, but it exceeded my expectations on every level. I'll definately buy from you again.

Michael C, Central California

I just received my 2 CollarTags from you and I am thrilled. Incredible fast service and delivery!

Angela T, United Kingdom

We ordered CollarTags for our two Goldens several months ago. Thank heavens we did! This evening one of them snuck out behind our back (first time ever). A nice family called our number they read off the CollarTag even though they only had a hold of her for a few moments. Because of your great product, we have our dog back - Thanks!

Michael S, Arizona

Fabulous tags and the fastest service on the web. Thanks for a great product.

Ellen K, Ohio

I have been using Boomerang Tags for years now. Through my decades of experience with pet tags, your quality lasting tags FAR surpase the rest! Thanks so much for your help in protecting the animal members of our family.

Sarah S, Iowa

Lightning fast shipping! Once again, your tags are of the highest quality. I'm so glad I found out about you. I will be telling all my freinds, the vet, the people at the creche and even strangers in the park!

Su Lim, Australia

Thank you for a fantastic product! The tag is extremely well-made and looks great! The free shipping and lack of sales tax were very helpful. Turn-around time for my order was less than a week, in spite of being located across the country from you AND having a federal holiday that week! I will recommend "Boomerang Tags" to everyone I know!

Laura Y, Michigan

Your tags are great. The two plastic tags and one rivet-on tag our pets have been wearing for several years all still look brand-new, they're really top-quality. Thank you for providing such great products and such wonderful service.

Kathryn O, Massachucetts

Fast Fast Fast, no hassel, great product as PROMISED! Made in the USA, Yeah!! Will recommend to all!

Vicky S, Washington State

I have received my tags, they are beautiful! I have seen many tags and these are great. I will definately refer everyone I know with pets to buy their tags from you.

Patricia C, Pennslyvania

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I received my new tags and was struck again by how beautiful and well made your tags are! I am not only impressed with the quality of the product, but with your fast courteous response to me when I reported the damaged tag. It is refreshing in today's world to find someone so responsive to their customes. Thank you for that!

June J, Georgia

I just wanted to let you know how much we love the new tag we ordered from you! We used both sides of the tag, and even with many lines of information, it is very clear. Thank you for the great quality and the great price.

Jenny K, Massachusetts

Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific product. Your tags last forever. The other company's tags always seem to have their inscriptions rub off. Your tags never do that. Thank you for making terrific pet id tags that I can count on.

Eileen K, New York

Top quality brass, deep, clear engraving, quickly shipped, excellent value. I just ordered more for my other pets. In the past I've ordered tags from other companies, never again. Place your order with Boomerang, these folks deserve your business - they produce what the promise.

Ernie S, Florida

I just placed an order and wanted to let you know how glad I am to re-discover your web site. I ordered tags for my dogs earlier this year from you and they were high quality. I wanted more but I couldn't find your site so I ordered from another on-line tag company. Their tags arrived today and they are AWFUL. I didn't know there could be such a difference in the quality of dog tags.

Lise S, Oregon

Very nice quality. Very simple to order. Very nice to deal with. Very good.

Michael P, New Jersey

I just wanted to say thank you! My little dog got out this morning and because of her Boomerang CollarTag she was promptly found and is now home safe. The woman who found her called and asked me where I purchased her ID Tag, of course I refered her to you.

Kendall G, Central California

This is the second time I ordered from Boomerang Tags. The first time I ordered stainless tags and they were nice. They have lasted a long time, but I just got in my new plastic tags and they are impressive. I'm really happy with them and I know my dogs will love their new tags. Thank you so much for speedy delivery and excellent merchandise.

Tiffany, U.S.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our recent purchase of your id tags. I searched all over the internet and checked out pet tags at the pet stores and at our vet, but none were as nice as yours. We were impressed with the quality and clarity of the engraving. These tags are everything you promised. I will have no trouble recommending you to everyone who needs a pet id tag.

June N, Florida

Once again you provided super service and perfect pet id tags. We have told many of our freinds about your tags and they all agree with us, that these are the best tags in every way. Thanks!

Nancy B, California

I received my tags today and I am so satified with them!!! The quality is amazing, and the design is perfect. I will highly recommend your site to my family and friends who want to protect their beloved pets.

Marlene P, North Dakota

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on all four tags I ordered. I've ordered from so many different companies & they haven't come close to the quality of your tags.

Becky H, Southern California

Absolutely phenomenal business! I was able to customize exactly the verbage I wanted on multiple tags... Not only did I get a "bulk rate" discount (for only 5 tags!), the shipping was free and the tags were in my hands in only 3 days. The tag text was clear and precise, the tags are heavy-duty, and they were packaged very well. I am so happy I didn't purchase from another company, and believe me, I looked!! I searched probably 10 sites for exactly the right personalized options, as well as eBay. I'm so imipressed with the quality, price and options from Boomerang Tags. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anna B, South Dakota

I am a very happy repeat customer. I was getting ready to order a new set of tags for our twelve greyhounds and was delighted to see you are offering quantity discounts! Now we can get THE BEST tags at even better prices!!!! Thank you so much! You continue to be my only source for tags and the only place I recommend for tags to all my greyhound adopters!

Heather V, South Carolina

I was amazed at the variety of collars and tags that Boomerang Tags had to offer! I also received the fastest shipping ever on an internet order. Boomerang Tags has the best prices for high quality tags compared to everywhere else I have looked! I won't go anywhere else to buy pet id tags and I would highly recommend you to others! Thank You!

Kara H, Michigan

I just wanted to let you know that I received the tags and they are just beautiful. All my pets look extra special with them on and I feel safe knowing that someone will be able to contact me should they get away from the house.

Colleen M, Pennsylvania

I have NEVER been so pleased with anyone's Pet ID Tags as I am with yours. I have worked in the veterinary field for over 30 years and commonly dealt with pet tags and order countless ones for my own pets over the years. I have never had such a quality tag and such a readable tag until now! Not only that but I have never had such speedy delivery of anything in my life. I was shocked when I received the tags in the mail today because I just ordered them. I am so confident in your tags because the are so clear and of such durable quality. I am really excited to have found Boomerang Tags and I will certainly recommend you and order from you in the future.

Geprgette S, Central California

Just got may CollarTag. It's great!!! Easy to read and doesn't hang off the collar, just what I was looking for. Thanks for the prompt shipping too. A+++

Shelly B, Pennsylvania

Thank you for your extremly fast and fabulous service. I've not found tags of this quality or price anywhere.

Amy L, Michigan

I have been ordering Boomerang Tags from you for all my dogs over the past 15 years. As you state on your web site: You cannot buy a better dog tag! Your plastic tags are almost indestructible!

Michelle K, California

I absolutely love your tags! I keep re-ordering since I keep moving. They are such high quality and easy to read tags. I've gotten several compliments on them and every time I do, I tell them about your company! Keep up the good work!

Tracey A, Massachusetts

I want to tell you I think these tags are even nicer than what I was expecting! Thank you for such a great product.

Phyllis L, Connecticut

Don't change a thing! My order was swift, accurate and packaged well. I would order from your site again, an excellent choice! Thank you.

Virginia C, Texas

You aren't wrong, your tags are much superior to any I have ever seen or purchased before!!! Many thanks!

RICHARD A, Florida

I ordered 3 tags about six months ago, I was so impressed by them that today when we adopted another dog the first thing I did upon arriving home was order him a tag from you. I recommend your site to anyone who may need tags for their pet(s). You and your tags can't be beat!

Cris D, Utah

I want to let you know how pleased I am with both the CollarTags and the collars... I have two VERY strong boxers and it is very hard for me to find quality, durability and a good look all in one collar and tag. I am so very pleased with the strength and the finish of the tags and the collars. ... On top of that you are fabulous to deal with and your shipping was extremely fast.

Shawn M, Ohio

You can't do better than the best. Your tags are the only ones I trust my dog's safety to. Thank you so much for the best tags out there, the best selection, and the best service.

Holly M, Arizona

In the past I bought two Boomerang Tags with each residential move, but in our most recent move I bought from a company I found on the web with a cheaper price. Their tag was inferior and it broke. I just ordered a new tag from your company. I learned my lesson. Your tags are the best.

Molly, United States, Earth

The CollarTags are awesome! No more jingle, jangle! The prices are awesome and the quality of the tags is outstanding!

Laura L, Wisconsin

I ordered my dog's tag in on 10-4-05 and received it (in Alabama!) on 10-8-05, much more quickly than promised. I've had dogs all my life and I have always insisted on giving these best friends the best of everything. Until my Great Dane's old, vending machine made, alumuinum tag wore out and I found you, I never knew what an outstanding dog tag was. My dog is now wearing your large-size stainless steel tag, and I do not expect to ever need to replace it as long as he lives. It is, without doubt, the thickest, heaviest, highest quality, and most deeply engraved tag I have ever seen. When I get another dog, he will wear one of your tags. Thank you, CH

Coleman H, Alabama

Wow! When I opened the package I was completely shocked by the quality of your tag! Absolutely great product and lightning fast shipping. Thanks!

Leigh Ann D, Indiana

I received my dog tags today, they are stunning and Lara, Leo and Jake look very beautiful with them on. These are by far the best looking and best quality tags I have ever seen. ... The price for this quality of tag is amazing!

Lauren J, England

I am so satisfied with these pet tags. I have ordered from other websites claiming superior tags, however these tags are far better than others I have purchased! The engraving is clear and the tags arrived in only 3 business days! Thanks!

Sarah B, Washington

I have been buying dog tags for 40 years... I rarely write notes like this but I was so impressed with your Tags, Collars and your Service, that I just had to write. Your tags are just the best I have found, anywhere. There is absolutely no comparison to anything else on the market. The engraving is wonderful, the stainless steel is very thick, and the ability to put information on both sides is offered no where else that I know of. In this day and age, it is a real pleasure to find someone who still takes pride in what they do.

Allen M, Northern California

I am so please with your tags and your service I just had to let you know. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and anyone I meet with a pet. Thank you so much. We will do business again.

Louise B, Ohio

Wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the CollarTag and collar combo I purchased from your company. It is very well done and looks great. I had bought a tag from a machine at a pet store and there is no comparison, yours is 100 times better. It looks great on my dog and he is more comfortable with the CollarTag than a big hanging tag.

Janina J, Florida

I received the CollarTag I ordered the other day and it's wonderful! My cat hates hanging tags...she loves the CollarTag.

Joan L, Colorado

I just wanted to let you know I received the adjustable CollarTag and it is absolutely one of my favorite things I've ever bought for my dog (believe me, I've bought quite a few things !). It fits perfectly on the thick hemp collar he has, but I love the tag so much I would buy a different collar just to use the tag if I needed to. I don't know why anyone would ever buy a hanging tag again - this is truly a miraculous design. It's so treamlined, so readable, so safe, so sophisticated, so sturdy, and so quiet! This is right up there, the Kong in the hall of fame of canine inventions.

Thank you so much for your quick and thoughtful responses to my original concerns, and for making this a completely risk-free purchase.

Lucia S, Sothern California

As a first time customer I wanted to tell you how much I liked the dog tag that I recently purchased from you. When ordering on-line you never really know what you are buying, so I was pleasantly surprised... After getting the tag, I can see I really got more than I paid for. Great quality and speedy service, a great combination.

Lynda K, Massachusetts

Your CollarTags for adjustable collars are awesome. They're distinctive and functional... but "cool." Best of all there's nothing hanging down from the collar. Your service was very quick too.

Liesl D., Georgia

Great looking, solid tags! Above the rest.

Tim O, Oregon

My pet's tag got here lightning fast and it's gorgeous!

Aimee S, New York

Just wanted to thank you for the awesome service and prompt shipping. I live on the East Coast, yet you managed to (once again) exceed my expectations. I am a return customer and plan to "boomerang" again... Your tags are top of the line, and the slide-on CollarTags are so nice and QUIET!! ... As far as I'm concerned you are doing everything tremendously well.

Carmen N, Maryland

I just wanted to say I greatly appreciate your extremely fast shipping. I couldn't believe how fast we received our dog's tag, and what a great price you offer! Free shipping made it even better. You definitely know how to please the customer! I would absolutely recommend you to others!

Sara D, Illinois

Loved the product. Loved the price. Loved the speedy delivery!

Laura H, Oregon

I received my CollarTags and am incredibly happy with the craftsmanship, and look forward to being able to actually READ them in a year or so... These dogs are very tough on tags... So nice finding your company--from questions when ordering to receipt of merchandise--this has been a real treat!!!

Jonni L, Kentucky

I ordered three CollarTags on Thursday ... and received them on Monday! What service. AND ... what beautitul, hefty, top-quality products you produce! I showed them to a co-worked (also a dog maniac) and we both agree these are "lifers!" I will heartily recommend your product and your company, due to the fabulous workmanship AND uncommon service... In a world full of schlock, you stand head and shoulders above the throng. Thanks for making my day...

Laura Q, Georgia

Beautiful, high quality tag at an excellent price. Unlike most of the tags I've bought, this one is clear and legible. I am very pleased.

Patty W, Pennsylvania

Can't say enough about how impressed I am with the speed of service. Hard to believe I ordered it on Thursday Evening and received the tag in Monday's mail. I looks great and fits perfectly on my dog's collar, not to mention it is of far better quality than the cheap vending machine tag she had until today.

Nadine G, Bay Area of California

I have been getting my tags from you for about 4 to 5 years now... you guys ROCK in service and quality! ... Great QUALITY and service!!!!

Kaci F, Washington State

Love your tags, your service and your prices!!!

Robin F, Central California

I love your website. I love how honest and friendly you are. I also love the tags we've ordered from you. Very nice quality. Thank you!

Tawnya I, U.S. Military in Germany

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what you probably already know: Your tags have NO equal. ... you can't buy a better tag anywhere. My oldest dog has had his tag for two years now and it still looks like it just came out of the envelope you sent it in... its unbelievable how reasonable your prices are. Keep up the good work and god bless!

Shane G., USAF stationed in Utah

I just received another of the many tags I've ordered from Boomerang and as usual, the quality is the best I've ever seen... It's always a pleasure to deal with your company. All my 5 dogs say "Woof!! Don't buy anywhere else other than Boomerang Tags!!"

Ann Y, South Carolina

I'm delighted with my order! Tag quality and workmanship are outstanding, and the adjustable CollarTags are snug and secure, a perfect fit. Thank you for the peace of mind your tags have given me.

Thomas D, Atlanta, GA

Thanks for the tags - they're perfect!

Sue B, Central California

I just received my Boomerang CollarTags and I must say they are indeed the nicest most attractive tags I've ever seen! I am extremely please and impressed. Thanks for producing such a fine product. Everyone I know will be told about your tags.

June J, Georgia

I absolutely love the plastic tags and the quality if incredible. I will continue to be a lifetime customer!

Robin K, Washington

I think your tags are wonderful and where I walk my dog all the people ask me about it. They sure beat the ones all the pet stores make and you get your tags in your customers hands days before they do. Keep up the good work.

William K, Oregon

Awesome pet tag! I got my dog the large stainless bone and she has given it a workout and its still looking fabulous. She loves to play in various creeks, goes hiking and camping, wallows in everything, and the tag just keeps on shining! It's truly going to last us until we move and have to put a new address on it! Awesome! I am refering you to all of my friends and their dogs that have those "other tags"!!

Lisa, Georgia

I am so pleased with your plastic tags!!! They're very easy to read AND THEY'RE QUIET!!!!

Shelly L, Indiana

I ordered the stainless steel CollarTags for a dog that breaks everything. It's four years later and she's still wearing that tag. I can still read it as if it were new. This is the ONLY thing that has come in contact with her and lasted. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Teresa I, Ohio

These are thicker than any other plastic tags I have ever gotten before and the engraving is thick and well crafted. I feel the only reason we will EVER need to replace these tags is if and when my husband has to leave this base, and you can bet we will be going with Boomerang Tags again!

Robin P, Pope AFB, NC

Just wanted to let you know that the Boomerang ID tags I ordered came and were perfect, by far the best I've ever gotten in the 20 years I have had dogs. Excellent turn around time as well, arrived within just a couple of days of my ordering.

Carol S, Arizona

Just wanted to let you know I received my dog's tag in record time, exactly as ordered. I've never tried plastic tags before, I was skeptical, but it looks great and is easy to read. I am done with those vending machine tags - they last like maybe 2 months and then the lettering is worn off. Thanks for a quality product.

Stephanie J, Maine

The BEST dog tags on the web! They are quiet, they have NEVER fallen off; so this is, I think, my fourth order from you. Good job! Keep up the good work!

Kay C, San Jose, Ca

I just wanted to say that these are by far the BEST tags I have ever seen and/or owned. The quality of the engraving is AMAZING!! I am so appreciative of your products and the great prices.

Audrey C, Oregon

I just wanted to tell everyone how impressed I am with your CollarTags. I ordered one for my cat and dog and have since received many inquiries from dog owners who have seen and felt it. I know it will last forever. We rescued a dog a month ago and got one of those "instant" tags from a vending machine. The color was already getting worn and peeling off in a week, and was super thin. Your tags are far superior. I also purchased one of your plastic tag with printing on both sides. Great! I NEVER write to anyone about a product I have purchased- but I am truly impressed with your tags.

Joan R, Santa Cruz, Ca

I wouldn't even think of using another style of tag. The proven quality and toughness of the first tag ensured that Boomerang CollarTags would forever be part of my dog's "wardrobe"! Thanks for such a great AMERICAN MADE product.

Dave H, Florida

I got a plastic tag about a year ago from your website because I liked what I saw. It was the best most durable tag I've ever owned. We recently moved and I came straight back to you for a new tag. Thank you for your prompt service and GREAT tags -- you really do make the best!!

Jill K, Arkansas

I just can't believe how awesome your tags are! Any others I have had or seen are sooooo ugly after the dog wears it for a month. Your tags are the best!

Holly B

The kitty tags arrived today and are awesome as promised!! Your tags are of excellent quality and the engraving is beautiful!

Karen M, Maine

Just wanted to say thanks for offering a great product at a great price with excellent customer service!! What more could you ask for? ... great shopping experience all the way around.

Barbara W, Alabama

My dog has worn one of your plastic tags for over a year now. They are the best! My dog is very active and the text does not wear off.

Becky M

I am very very pleased with the product. This was my first order from Boomerang Tags, and I was not sure what to expect, but I found the tags to be of superior quality compared to other tags that my dogs have worn, in fact, I have to say that these are the best tags my dogs have ever had. I am confident that they will last for many years to come!

Liz T, Georgia

Your tags are SOOO much nicer than all the rest. Best interactive web site, so well thought out, so well organized, so easy to use. Honest, real, friendly, fun, professional, efficient and full guarantee. Are you pod people?

Ms. Alex K, California

Your customer service is beyond excellent. You can quote me on that. I am very pleased.

Julie S, Minnesota

I just want to say thanks for the AWESOME tags for my dogs. Excellent work.

Rose M, Georgia

You can read through the 100's of comments... you can waste money... save both your time and your money by ordering from Boomerang Tags. The quality speaks for itself; but the customer service, and individual attention, if needed, is remarkable in this day and age of nasty salespeople and uncaring companies... Look no ruther, these tags truly are the best.

Robin R, Ohio

I received my Boomerang Tag today. Boy, was that fast. I was completely impressed with what you sent me. Great job! You can really tell that you care about your products.

Anne S, Ohio

I made a big mistake, trying to order my tags from another company, and they just turned out terrible (font size so small you could barely read it). Having ordered from your company before, I am back as a satisfied customer. Keep up the good work.

Thom F, Florida

I wish I had found your website long ago. I've paid 5 times what you charge and the tag was crap. Your medical tags are great. Won't bend and non-magnetic. Finally, something worth the money & engraved just the way you want it!

Jeffrey K, New York

You have nice quality tags, exceptional value, and, excellent customer service.

Celia H, New Jersey

They are the best looking collars and tags I have seen. The quality is second to none.

Jorge G, California

I just wanted to write you a letter to let you know how much I appreciate your company. I have ordered several tags from you now, and each time you amaze and impress me. Your tags are perfect, they are sent immediately, they are extremely durable and they are inexpensive! ... I cannot believe the excellent service and quality that I get from your comapny... Your company is exceptional.

Sandra H, California

Great quality for an unbeatable price, perfect for our spoiled cats we just can't afford to lose.

Jeannie, Michigan

The tags I received for my dogs were the best quality I have ever seen. The engraving was clear, neat and deep. It looks good on my dog's collar and I have already had compliments and people asking me where I got it. I am very satisfied with my order!

Elizabeth S, Georgia

I love this tag... It looks great and is so practicle and would be great for any active dog. We live in a rural area in Maine and I was always worried he may run into the woods and lose his tags that hung from his collar, and then would be lost... No chance of that now! These tags are great!

Michelle M, Maine

I just received my tags, and I have to say I'm thrilled! They look even better than they do in the pictures on your web site. Also: I placed my order on Tuesday and received the tags on Friday! I was very surprised.

Alexander L, Illinois

Thank you for the AWESOME tag! It's engrave nice and deep and looks professional. You mailed it to me really fast and I appreciate it. I liked it so much I'm ordering another one for a different collar.

Lynn K, New York

You guys are the BEST folks in the WORLD to deal with ! ! ! ! !

Ruthanne G, Iowa

I've been extremely thrilled and satisfied with the tags that I've ordered from Boomerang Tags.

Martha P, Kansas

I just wanted to say how nice your tags are. I got two of the CollarTags and collars about 6 months ago and they are still holding up great.

Samantha Y, Colorado

I have 13 pets and keep Boomerang Tags on all of them. I've been using these tags for years and always come back for the great value and quality; I also recommend them to clients at the vet clinic where I work. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my pet's tags.

Kim, Missouri

I received the collar and CollarTag today. They look great! I'm definitely impressed with your quality and service - won't hesitate to recommend you to others.

Priyanga, Nevada

Just wanted to let you know that we received our CollarTag yesterday, for our new Golden Retriever pup, and it fits perfect and looks wonderful on her! We're so pleased that tonight I'm going to measure my cat's neck and order one for her as well.

Laura H, Tennessee

I received my medical tag today and I couldn't be more pleased. The quality is outstanding and the delivery time was only a couple of days.

Joe S, Ohio

What a great product!

Meg, Colorado

Great tag... we are very please with the product and agree that the quality couldn't be better!

Kimberly B, North Carolina

I just wante to let you guys know that I will NEVER buy a tag from anyone else ever again! I love the three tags I have gotten from you... Keep up the great work!

Joanne N, New Hampshire

Your tags are by far the best I've ever seen. Thanks to your CollarTags I no longer have to have the hangy ones the jingle all the time!!

Oichay, New Jersey

I just wanted to say you make the BEST tags. I loved that you could put information regarding my dog's need for meds on the back of the tag...

Christy W, Missouri

The Collar and Tag are awesome! Thank you for the speedy delivery and for selling such a high quality product! The collar looks great and is a perfect fit! This will be a collar that my dog will wear form many years! I will hihgly recommend your company!

Deirdre H, Connecticut

I recently ordered one of your CollarTags for my new puppy and was so impressed that I had to get one for each of my three cats. This is by far the best quality tag I have ever seen. All my freinds are asking me where I got these and I proudly give them your name. Just wanted to say thank you for making a great product.

Tracy I, Maryland

I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with your company. There have been so many times I would have liked to order an ID tag on-line, only to find that after tax and shipping charges are added the tag would cost me close to $20.00! It was a breath of fresh air to discover a company like yours that has free shipping!

Emily C, Wisconsin

These are awesome tags... The plastic tags are excellent. My first order I was skeptical. When I received my order I was very impressed. After 7 months the tag is still in great shape. Will order more in the future. Thanks for the great prices.

Crystal M, Kentucky

The two tags I ordered from you arrive today, and they are without doubt the BEST dog tags I have ever seen anywhere. Before I found you I made the mistake of ordering from a company called ****** Pet Tags. Believe me, after I saw their tags, which I just threw in the trash, I was thrilled to recieve yours.

Susan J, North Carolina

I wanted to thank you for sending another great tag! We've ordered at least 6 tags from you so far (due to address changes and multiple pets) and every tag has turned out great! They are always accurate, extremely durable, nice-looking, and the service is fast! I ordered my most recent tag on Friday and it arrived the following Monday... You have our business for life.

Bittany M, Wisconsin

I love your plastic Pet ID Tags! ... I just wanted to let you know that your plastic tags are far superior to any others I have ever tired. They have not faded and the text does not wear off, and believe me with an 85 lb. Lab that runs, swims, and jumps through the bushes enlessly, that says a lot about your tags... thanks so much for making me feel that my pets will be safely returned if ever lost.

Ashley E, Louisiana

When I opened the package today I was amazed with the quality and readability of the tags. These are so much better than what I had gotten before. I was absolutely surprised that I got such great-looking tags at such a bargain price. I am going to recommend your company to all my dog-loving freinds.

Shirley B, Illinois

I just LOVE your tags. I ordered one for my dad's dog a while back an he is obsessed with it. I did not know someone could love a tag so much! I just put in an order for 2 more for my cats. Thank you so much for great quality and service.

Jennie B, Missouri

We received the tags today. They are BEAUTIFUL. I seriously have never seen such nice, sturdy plastic tags. We used plastic tags years ago, but our dogs are quite playful and they ended up snapping in half, so we did away with the plastic. I am glad I took the chance and tried the plastic out again. They really are beautiful. Thank you so much.

Michelle C, New York

I received my tags today and I must say.... I like the quality and workmanship, not to mention the fast turn around time! I will tell my friends about you and when I need tags again I know where to go! Thanks again for providing great service and quality work that is so hard to come by these days.

Lee W, Texas

Thank you for the high quality tags you provide! For well over a year now the tags have remained in excellent condition on my very active dogs! I have re-ordered for my new puppy because he deserves the safety and durabiltiy of your tags! Thank you!!!

Stacy D

I got plastic tags for 2 large dogs exactly 3 years ago. At that time I was skeptical about the durability of the plastic tag because the dogs like to play fight a lot and bite each other around the neck. I wanted to let you know that, after 3 years, the tags are still in perfect shape. We have a new dog and I wouldn't consider getting any other tags. Great product. Thanks a lot!!

Scott R, New York

I received my ManTags today and I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the products & the service! ... What a beautiful, inexpensive, personalize gift! The tags are excellent quality - sturdy & unbendale, nice large size, very easy to read clear text. Lightening fast shipping, excellent pricing and excellent customer service. 5 stars!

Sherry T, Illinois

I received my pet's tag today. I just wanted you to know how VERY PLEASED I AM!! The last 4 dog tags I ordered, from other companies, were just cheap and faded within one year - thank you for providing such a quality product. I will highly recommend your company to all my fellow pet owners. Just seeing the product one can tell the difference - I am extremely satisfied and impressed with your product!!

Karen F, Wisconsin

I have been buying identification tags to protect my child, who has life threatening allergies and asthma, for 12 years. Your tags are THE best quality & cheapest (least expensive) - Hands down! I will definately be back to buy more!

Jen B, Utah

Just wanted you to know I just placed my third order with you. Getting great quality tags has never been so easy!

Shirley M, Tennessee

I generally don't leave comments for anything that I order on-line, but I am most impressed with your product and service. I received my order faster than anything I've ever received by mail! Amazing! These tags are great! They are the best tags you can get for the money! A lot of local places sell nice looking stuff, but their quality is inferior compared to yours. Thanks.

Khiao P, North Carolina

GREAT service! Great Tags!!! Excellent company - would recommend to any pet lover!!!

Deborah D, New Mexico

LOVE the tag! The CollarTag is just wonderful! We love it and the fact that we no longer here jingling! Thanks so much! I am telling every pet owner I know about you guys! Thanks again!

Dustie W, Northern California

Wanted to personally thank you for making such a quality product. I recently got a puppy and was tempted to get a tag out of one of those machines at the big box stores. The selection and quality left something to be desired. I found your web site and ordered one of your adjustable CollarTags. I trusted you that it would not fall off, and, now that it is on, I can see that it "ain't coming off." ...everything is very readable. The stainless looks fantastic.

p.s. I'm a picky picky guy who is almost never satisfied, but this tag is perfect. Great job!

Aaron J, Southern California

The plastic tags I bought from your company for my dogs have lasted three years. We are moving so I need new tags! I am very pleased with the old tags so, of course, I bought the new ones from the same place.

Rena M, New York

I just received my tag for Rocky and it is perfect! The tag is large and the engraving is easy to read! I've already recommended you to all the dog owners I know. I just wanted to thank you for your great service, as often times internet purchases are not up to par.

Deanna R, Washington State

I didn't know there were high quality pet tags to choose from. Always got cheaply made ones from the pet store vending machines, or ordered from a form I got at the vet. The plastic dog face tag I received from you is the best quality tag I have ever seen, and very cute. The engraving is as good as you describe on your website. I appreciate you and your products.

Kim S, Hawaii

I just wanted to say that the original tag I got from you, two years ago, still look like they were put on the collars yesterday. They are the best tags I have ever seen. Thanks for making such a great product.

Lynn B, Michigan

Simply Amazing! We ordered a CollarTag combo from your website on Thursday and, to our suprise, it was on our doorstep on Saturday Morning... Our precious pup is now set with tags for life. Thanks guys!!

Kanesha K, Georgia

Nice job on the pet tag for our new family addition. I have purchased fromn you before (twice) & always have been happy with the quality & QUICK mailing of the tags.

Wayne W, New York

Just had to tell you that your tags are the best.

Vicki Sowa, Michigan

We ordered Sam's new tags and they came right away, no problem. We liked the workmanship so much that we decided to replace Rosie's tag which was of much poorer quality. Again, no problems. We'd order another one, but we're fresh out of dogs. I will recommend you though.

Nice work, good price, great service. Well done.

Chris S, New York

I looked at a number of pet id tag sites on the web, the number #1 selling point of your tags was the customer feedback I read. Now I want to add to it: I am so pleased with the quality, durability, clarity of print, and aesthetic appearance of the tags I've just recieved. Stellar product. Quick service. Good prices.

Kanani T, New York

These tags are great--I ordered CollarTags--they are fantastic. I like the fact they don't dangle and therefore don't present a choking, entanglent hazard to my dogs. I really didn't expect these to be this nice considering how reasonably priced they are. I will recommend them to everyone I know.

Gail O, Michigan

The Collars and CollarTags arrived just 3 days after I ordered. Really fast service and the quality is great. This one will last a very long time and also looks nice.

Joey L, California

I can't believe how quickly I received the tags I ordered from you.

Amy W, Wisconsin

I received my collars and CollarTags yesterday and they are fabulous. I am impressed with the clarity of the engraving, and the quality and obvious durability of both the tags and the collars. ... We are extremely impressed with your product and appreciate the promptness of the processing of our order. I highly recommend your site to anybody that need collars or tags.

Janice R, Florida

You will not be able to find a better made tag than the ones on this site! ... You guys are better than great!!!

Kahealani E, Bay Area California

Many tags that I ordered had the same problem: engraving was not deep enough. My kidz run thru the woods and fields. All the tags I received before quickly became scratched and very hard to read. Your tags do not do that. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

Don M, Missouri

These are absolutely the BEST quality tags I have ever seen!!! And the prices are the same as lesser quality tags... Thanks for a great product, superior service and fast shipping!

Kim S, Colorado

The Pet Tags arrived today and they are EXCELLENT Quality... The shipping was lightening speed!!

Karen H, New York

Our German Shepherd has worn your plastic tag for 3 years... and there isn't a scratch on it. Thank you for making such a durable tag!

Sonja J, California

I ordered a tag from your site on Thursday and received it on Monday. I was thrilled with the quick shipment and the quality of the tag is unreal!! I am very glad I found your website... Thanks for a wonderful product at a fantastic price!!

Laura S, Virginia

I just ordered a stainless steel tag from you for the second time. The first one is still in great shape, no wear to be found, he is just growing so fast I can't keep up with it. Due to the lack of quality of things I have purchased on-line I have never ordered more than once from the same website, until now. Thanks for making attractive and good quality pet tags.

Caitlin J, Arizona

I just have to rave about these dog tags... The greatest thing is that they are very low cost. I love them and refer your site to all my friends.

Brooke L, New York

The collar tags are FANTASTIC! I knew they'de be nice and of good quality, but I didn't really expect such a well-working concept. They're great.

Linda the dogsled racer, Maryland
Adjustable CollarTags

These tags are wonderful. My pets have worn these 24/7 for 4 years and they look brand new! The lettering is clear and it doesn't wear off. These tags are far superior to any tags I have ever purchased and are worth every penny. You won't be disappointed.

Barb H, Florida
Round Plastic Tags

I received the tags for my cats today. Not only did they arrive in less than a week but the quality is 100% better than I expected...

Sharon R, Florida
heart shaped plastic tags

I received my tag today and it is wonderful. The quality is superb and the price can't be beat. I would recommend Boomerang Tags to everyone.

Lorraine R, Georgia
Bone shaped Stainless Tag

I love your tags. The last forever and are easy to read!

Heidi H, Southern California
Round Stainless

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the CollarTag I ordered... It's better than advertised, and after reading your website you had set my expectations quite high!... I am very pleased with your service.

Anna W, Southern California
Adjustable CollarTag

I have ordered MANY tags from you, all of which have been of incredible quality and I have been VERY please by each of them... an incredible product, super-fast shipping, and great service! I will never buy tags form anywhere else!

Leanna W, Central California
Round Plastic Tags

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am very impressed with the quality of the tags I just received and am thrilled at how quickly I received them.

Andrew T, Oregon
Adjustable CollarTags

We received our Boomerang Tag the other day and it is wonderful! It is exactly like your ads indicate, so definitely your advertising is tried and true! The quality is the best I've ever seen!

Barbara C, Colorado
Adjustable CollarTag

I just received my kids' tags and I couldn't be happier! They look awesome and I feel that much safer with these tags on their collars. Thanks so much for everything, especially the fast shipping - and keep up the great work!

Erin F, Texas
Adjustable CollarTags

The tags are fabulous, and the fact that we can engrave both sides... Thank you Boomerang for such a splendid, high-quality product!

Kay B, South Carolina
Round Plastic Tags

I ordered two of your plastic tags for my dogs 2 years ago and am amazed at how well they have held up. They show NO wear at all!! These are attractive, easy to read and lightweight tags. I highly recommend them to anyone who will listen!

Chris G, Wisconsin
Large Round Plastic Tags

The tags look great! They are much better than the ones that one gets from the coin operated machines in the large chain pet stores. Yours I can actually read. Everyone loves the tag with the dog face on the front side of it - that one is a big hit.

Aaron F, Arizona
Plastic Bone & DogFace Tags

We received our tag and it is spectacular! I love that you engrave on the back as well. Thanks for protecting our pet with such style and durability.

Laura W, Massasschecetts
Brass Bone Shaped Tag

Always amazed at how fast your service is!... I love your products! The best tags I've ever ordered!!

Kathy L, Minnesota
Round Plastic & Stainless Bone

I just received my CollarTags. That was quick. They are awesome! I'm very impressed with the way they look and the suberb quality. As you can see, I have 5 dogs and am tired of constantly replacing the aluminum tags. Thank you again. I will certainly tell others.

Sharon M, Delaware
Adjustable CollarTag and collar combo

I received the new tags today and I am thrilled with them!! I love the option to have them printed on both sides to get all the pertinent information on them. Great Product! Great price!! Great Service!!!

Amy B, Iowa
Plasic Bone Shaped Tags

I received my Boomerang Pet ID Tags today. Not only did I receive them quickly I am VERY pleased with the quality. They are excellent! Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend you to our friends!

Sarah C, Florida
Stainless Bone Shaped Tags

Don't change anything on your tags, they are perfect.

Dave B, Pennsylvania
Adjustable CollarTag

Scottie's tag came today and it was better than any other tag I have seen. The engraving and overall quality of the tag is superb. Many thanks and Scottie really likes this tag because it does not hang down and distract him from chasing his rabbits.

Jerry W, Kansas
Adjustable CollarTag

My pets tag came in today's mail and was absoluetly PERFECT! Thank you for such prompt and extemely superior service! If we get any more dogs, or know of anyone in need of a tag, you will be #1 on the list of recommendations.

Phil G, New Jersey
Adjustable CollarTag

I got my tag yesterday and I could NOT be more pleased!!!!! Simply put: EXCELLENT!!!!!!! Excellent quality, Fast shipping, Great price...who could ask for more?? This is how a business should be run!! WAY TO GO!

Barb F, Wisconsin
Round Stainless

I received the tag I ordered and it's fabulous. Thanks for the excellent product and the great service!

Stella B, Bay Area of California
Adjustable CollarTag

I am so very happy with your dog tags! ... I am so sold on these great tags, especially the CollarTags...

Sue L, Texas
Adjustable CollarTag & Bone shaped tag

I am exceedingly pleased with the SS dog tag that I purchased and the speed with which I received it. I will recommend your product to everyone.

Gary J, Central California
Stainless bone tag and CollarTag

I would just like to tell you how much I LOVE your plastic tags!... I think your tags are absolutely the best quality tags I have ever seen... I wouldn't take my Cinder anywhere without one of your tags on.

Margaret P, Ohio
Round Plastic Tags

Tag looks great. Thanks for the great 3 day service. I like the way you do business!

Carol S, Idaho
Round Stainless Tag

I just want to thank you for your great and affordable tags. I've ordered from you three times... great, quality products, easy-to-use web site, and fast service. I recommend you to everyone.

Ali B, North Carolina
Plastic Tags and CollarTag

I am in love with your product. The adjustable CollarTag combo I bought looks great on my dog and is of the best quality. The addition of a leash attaching strap that the fasteners snap together through gives me added comfort in the strength and durability of the collar. With great danes collars that fit and last are difficult to find. Thank you.

Jennifer F, California
Adjustable CollarTag combo

Holy cow that was fast. And you weren't kidding about the quality of the tags. We're very impressed -- especially with the price.

Doug S, Virginia
CollarTag and collar combo

These are the best tags I have ever found, people are always asking me where I got them. Thank you for having such a great product line.

Jamie M, Minnesota
Double Thick Collar Tags

Excellent seller, quality tags. I have two plastic tags that were purchased over two years ago and show no wear. I now order your tags as gifts for my friends that get new pets... You do a great job of keeping the tags affordable.

Evelyn H, Ohio
small plastic heart tag

Your claims are correct. These are the best tags I have ever used.

Bruce A, Alaska
adjustable CollarTags

Thank you for the fast service and quality tags! My new tags are wonderful - I will definately recommend them to all my pet-owning friends. Super product and excellent business. THANK YOU!

Shannon R, Iowa
adjustable CollarTags

I just wanted to say that I received your pet tags yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful. These are the highest quality tags I've ever seen and the engraving was done wonderfully.

Annie C, Central Calif.
Plastic Cat Face

I just wanted to say how wonderful I think your tags are. These will be tags 2 and 3 for me. What a great product... They are beautiful, easy to read tags.

Denise M, Indiana
Adjustable CollarTag

I had ordered two different types of tags to "check" out the quality. I was really impressed with the adjustable CollarTag, so much so that I just ordered two more ! I have been telling all our animal loving friends about your web site, and quite a few people Lucy and I have encountered on our outings have commented on what a great tag she has! We can't thank you enough for such an awesome product!

Branwen S, Southern Calif.
adjustable CollarTag

Received my CollarTags. They fit perfectly on the collars. Now I will not have to worry about my dogs loosing their ID Tags. I will recommend your tags to everyone.

Nancy H, Ohio
adjustable CollarTag

The pet tag I received from you is the highest quality tag I have ever seen... Thanks for a terrific product & excellent customer service.

Ellen Cooper, Pennsylvania
Rivet-on Tags

I received my order in "no time flat" and you are right...these are the best quality tags I have ever ordered!!! ... Again, great dog tags and I have forwarded your website to friends... I volunteer for a Beagle Rescue Organization and have a lot of "doggy" friends!!!

Lori C, Virginia
Plastic Dog Face

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for such a wonderful tag... We requested a lot of information on our tag but it doesn't look the least bit crowded. Also, you were very prompt in answering a question I emailed you; and, the tag arrived in only three days. Thanks, I will be shopping here again in the future.

Anne D, New Jersey
Heart Shaped Stainless

I wished I had ordered this tag before I went to the pet store and bought one made in their machine. Those tags are junk and there is no comparison to the tag I got from your company... Keep up the good work. I will certainly buy from you in the future.

Joey L, California
mini adjustable CollarTag

I am so impressed with the quality and service! My dog (a yorky) and I both love the mini CollarTag for adjustable collars!

Lindsay S, Florida
mini adjustable CollarTag

Your tags are great! I have ordered before and it is the only tag that truly does not wear out! Thanks for helping keep our pets safe.

Lisa L, Colorado
slide-on CollarTag

I can't tell you how many times I have replaced tags because the letting wore off. These look like they will outlast my doggies! Your tags will be highly reccomended by me!

Cindy G, Southern Calif.
Round Stainless

Your tags are great! I have ordered before and it is the only tag that truly does not wear out!

Lisa L, Colorado
Stainless Heart

I received my adjustable CollarTags yesterday, after only a two day wait, and I am very impressed with the quality of your product. These tags are sturdy and well made and are far superior to anything I've purchased from other sources. And the price wasn't bad either. No complaints from me.

Richard P, Southern Calif.

We've gotten your pet id tags before, and they are, without question, the best.

Genna L., New Jersey

We just received our two stainless steel tags (ordered just 2 days ago) and they definitely are the best tags we've ever purchased. I would recommend them to any pet owners I know.

Heather M, Missouri

My dog's adjustable CollarTag arrived yesterday, it's a perfect fit for her PetSafe Collar. I am so glad I found your site! Thanks for making such a quality product.

Robin W, Wisconsin
Adjustable CollarTag

Just wanted to let you know I received my order. Your ID Tags are of extreme quality, deep engraving for long time wear. Super fast shipping, would recommend your company to anyone.

Linda S, Indiana
Adjustable CollarTags in various sizes

I received my dog's ID Tag today. Never have I received such a good product at such a fair price that was personally manufactured and shipped with such speed. Hats off to you and your company !!!!!!!!

Mark S., Kansas
Round Stainless Tag

I know from experience the importance of pet identification; just last week I lost and found my dog. He had the usual vending machine tag, but he wasn't wearing it because we both disklike the noise and he was constantly scrathcing at it. Luckily I found my dog, but I never want to take that chance again. So the day after he was safely returned home, I ordered one of your adjustble CollarTags. I couldn't be more pleased. It is comfortable for him, and I am impressed with the quality and how sharp it looks. It's great to finally have a tag that he can and will wear all the time.

Regina S, Nevada
adjustable CollarTag

I am very pleased with the quality of Savannah's tag. I will recommend your company, and definitely order again. The detailed design assistance on your website is great and your sincerity comes through.

Fran D, Virginia
Round Stainless

I ordered two tags, received them 3 day later, and they are very high quality materials. I am so pleased, considering I paid the same price not too log ago at another company for some cheap pieced of tin. Thank you SO much!!! I will definately order all future tags from you!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Kathie H, Mississippi
Plastic tag and slide-on CollarTag

I just wanted to let you know I'll be ordering from you again! The quality of the dog tag I bought was Great, but, the speed at which it was shipped was the BEST!

Catherine R, Arkansas
mini adjustable CollarTag

I just had to tell you how pleased I am with the stainless slide-on CollarTag! I ordered it on Friday and it was here Monday. The engraving is clear and legible and the presentation of the tag on the collar makes it easy to read. Nice job!

David D, So. California
slide-on CollarTag

Kathie wrote me previously (see below). She stated that she had bought her first set elsewhere, I asked her why? Her reply follows: I really don't remember except that they implied their service was speedy. It took about four weeks to receive my order (I kid you not, I had to bug them) and the tags were cheap tin you can bend with your hands... I was so surprised when the tags I ordered from you came so quickly and are of such high quality... I surely cannot bend your tags! I put the slide-on on the leather collar and it looks so professional and neat! I am just so sorry I didn't find you the first time...

Kathie / 2nd email, Mississippi

We are very impressed with the quality and durability of your dog tags. We recommend you to all our friends. Great pricing and fast shipping. Thank you for everything. A faithful customer.

Jeff T, Texas
slide-on CollarTag

As always I can expect a quality tag and fast service. Since our beloved pets cannot speak its important to have their contact information on at all times. We moved recently and that is the only reason I needed to replace her tags/ The old tags my little girl had on looked like the first day I put them on her. No thinning, worn out or hard to read information like the tags I get at the humane society. I never have to think about where I will get my id tags made because of the quality , ease of ordering and quick delivery. I will always we a customer of BoomernangTags!

Athena, Pasadena, CA
Round Stainless & CollarTag

This is far and away the best pet tag I have ever purchased. The engraving is deep so it won't wear down and become illegible. It's so much easier to read than the last one I bought from one of your competitors. My dog, Jilly, is stylin now! Thanks!

Mindy F, Kentucky
Bone in Stainless

I got my new id tags from you today. They look great. The engraving is deep and the details is superb. Thanks for a great price. The free shipping is an added plus. Thanks again.

Steve C, North Carolina
Stainless Bone Tag

Thanks, it was nice to get a nice product, so quickly and done right... a job well done.

Loren L, Hawaii
Round Stainless


Joseph W, California
Stainless Heart

Excellent service. Excellent collar and tag. Thank you.

from Mark's cat, "Q"

Mark M, Oklahoma
Slide-on CollarTag

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Kate's new adjustable collar CollarTag. I am really impressed with the quality of the tag (thickness of the metal and depth of the engraving), and it looks great on her collar. We have gotten compliments on it already. I'm so happy to be rid of the noisy jangle of the old hanging tags. We ran around in the park today and you're right, that tag is not going anywhere! One of her old hand tags (from one of those vending machines) wore right through and fell off her collar. And another time the round metal ring got caught on something and bent out of shape, all her tags fell off. I know Kate is much safer now with the CollarTag. I'm so glad I that I ordered from you... I am thrilled with the new tag and I will be telling every dog owner I know to buy from you. Thanks for offering such an excellent product at a very fair price.

Elisabeth K and Kate the boxer, Kentucky
adjustable collar CollarTag

I just wanted to mention how pleased I have been with your tags. I have ordered 2 times before and am always amazed with the fast shipment and quality of the tags. I will continue telling friends/family about your business and continue ordering from you! It is nice to have such a reliable resource for pet tags! Thanks a bunch!

Karena, Alaska
Bone shaped tag

We are so pleased with our stainless tag from Boomerang Tags and would recommend them to anyone. The tag arrived quickly and is so sharp-looking. Everything that is emphasized on the website is so true! Buy with confidence from this business!

Maria E, North Carolina

Last August I purchased one of your stainless ID tags for my newly adopted Whippet. She has outgrown the tag. I can't imagine getting an id tag anywhere else! Your quality tag returned her to many several times before she learned where home was...

Susan P, Georgia

These tags are the best! I love that they don't rattle, won't fall off, the text doesn't get rubbed off of scratched off either! I recommend these [CollarTags] to everybody I know that has pets.

Tricia K, Florida

...late Tuesday night I ordered a Collar with a CollarTag from BoomerangTags. Today is Friday and I was shocked to see it already in my mailbox!!! Not only was your speedy service wonderful, but the quality of the collar and tag are amazing! Just wanted to pass along how happy I am with my purchase. I'll be sure to recommend your site to friends and fellow pet owners. Thanks for great service and a quality product!

Amy R, Florida
CollarTag and adjustable collar combo

Quick note to let your know that your service (super fast) and your tags (beautiful!) are great. I have ordered 6 brass tags from you and everytime I have a workshop or other event I have my cats at I receive compliments on the collars and tags... I will put a link on my site to yours this week as a recommended tag vendor. Thanks for the great work.

Rachel R, Illinois
Brass Tags

Thank you for making such awesome dog tags. I ordered the first one a couple of years ago and it is still in perfect condition and I can't tell you how many times my dog has been safely returned home because of the slide-on tag. Every other dog tag I tried before your CollarTag either fell off or the engraving rubbed off. The only reason I'm ordering another one now is because she somehow lost her entire collar. We also have a new dog addition to our family and I wouldn't trust any other dog tag except yours!

Jan R, Central California
slide-on CollarTag

My kitty mysteriously disappeared for a period of 1 week. Thanks to your durable CollarTag I received a call notifying me that she was safe and sound 20 miles away from our home! I now have proof that your tags are a life saver.

Thanks a million for being part of helping "Halle" get back home.

Roxana, Texas

You guys are fantastic! Just got my CollarTag and I couldn't be more pleased. Great job, quick turnaround, clear/concise lettering, all making an easy to read tag that will hold up to dogggy wear and tear. THANKS! I'll be telling and showing my animal lover friends.

Karen S, Georgia
adjustable CollarTag

Received our pet id tags the other day - I'm very pleased and impressed - will be back again!

Gail R, Washington State
Adjustable CollarTags

I just placed my second order with your company. The first set of id tags came so quickly and were better than I expected. I'll order new tag for every collar that comes into the house. Great product, great service. Thanks! I'll be recommending you to all our new dog owner friends at dog training school.

Kim M, New Jersey
adjustable CollarTags

We just received the id tag for our new pup and we are so happy with your product. Great Quality, service and speedy delivery - we recommend you to all our friends now. :)

Nikki M

We got the adjustable CollarTag I ordered for our young cat, one of your mini size for a 3/8 inch wide collar. Murray's collar is actually 1/2 inch wide and the tag is a little snug but very secure. His old, cheesy dangling tag was making him crazy -- we were trying to get him used to wearing a collar and tag, he could stand the collar, but not the dangling tag. The CollarTag you sent doesn't bother him in the least, and it's very well made. I have lots of friends with pets and I will be sure to tell them all what excellent service and excellent products you offer.

Susan C

This is the third time we have ordered pet tags from you and we wanted you to know how pleased we are with your products and service. Your tags have never worn out, we just ordered for a new dog and changed the info. We like the plastic tags because they don't make so much noise. It's a pleasure to do business with such a good company. I try to spread the word about you whenever possible.

Michelle R, California
Plastic Tags

I've bought your pet id tags previously, and they are the best. Thank you for taking pride in your work.

Jalena M, Colorado
Brass Bone Tags

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was when I received my order. Your website states that your tags are top quality, but I was still truly amazed at how lightweigh but sturdy they are. Thanks for a great product and good luck with your business.

Debbie S, Indiana
Plastic Tags

I received my tags today and I would like to say thank you! I have 3 very active American Pit Bull Terroers that have been through several plastic tags. At times I have been so annoyed by the jingling of their stainless tags that I often take off their collars - defeating the purpose of even having a tag.... Thanks to your double thick slide-on tags all of my problems have been solved! My dogs can wear their collars with their identification tags and I can keep my sanity as they run around the house. You have made a lifelong customer and your newest spokeswoman. I hope you can handle all the referrals I will be sending your way!

M Wilson, North Carolina
Double Thick Slide-on CollarTags

Your tags arrived last week. They are the best Pet ID Tags I have ever ordered, nice heavy guage stainless and easy to read! Thank you for the fast processing and shipping. I will recommend you to others.

Mark B, Maryland

I love your tags! Your website is very straight forward and easy to navigate. In-store machines are expensive and you can't fit very much information on the tags.* But your pet id tags are very affordable and I can always fit everything I need on them, no matter how small the tag! I've bought two so far and I'm sure I'll buy more! *Boomerang note: These "in-store machine tags" only last only a small fraction of the time our tags last, they are a poor value.

Julie E, Pennsylvania

A new addition to the family means we have to get another pet id tag. Move and everybody needs a new pet id tag. And, as corney as it sounds, I think of BoomerangTags everytime. Still satisfied after five years, two moves and many separate orders.

Lorinda W, South Carolina

Just received my pet id tag order today and wanted to say "thanks" for such great service. The tags and collar are very high quality, and your price cannot be beat. You have earned a customer for life. I will be telling all my friends and family about your company. Keep up the great work!

Megan F, Illinois

My Pet Tags came in 2 days, no shipping charged and they looked great!!! I highly recommend them!!! Thanks a lot!

Heidi E, North Platte

I just wanted to write and thank you for Jade and Dasiy's tags. I just can't believe how fast they came through. Your CollarTags are GREAT ! ! ! Now we don't hear the jingling of the hanging tags all night and there isn't the fear of them getting hung-up when we're not around. ... I'm still so very pimpressed with your company's service and P.R. !!! I will continue to suggest Boomerang Tags to everyone needing pet id tags.

Martha P, Kansas

I sent my order in on-line on 1/21 and received the tags on 1/25. I am very impressed with your promptness in getting my order out. I am also very pleased with the tags and the quality. Thank you for a wonderful product and excellent customer service.

Sue G, Washington State

Just wanted to let you know I just made my 4th (5th? 6th? 7th?) pet tag order from you guys. ... Your tags are durable, easy to clean and quick and inexpensive to replace! I especially love the great quality and room for so much info... and the fact that I can have my tags in just a few days! ... You guys are the best!

Julie R, USA

I highly recommend your tags. I love knowing that our dog will not loose his tag and it will not wear away. I have been recommending your company to all my freinds who have a dog. Thanks for the great service.

Cristina M, USA

I just wanted to say that I ordered a tag from you a few years ago. The tag still looks great! Recently I ordered a tag elsewhere, the tag was approx $2.00 less than through BoomerangTags, but let me tell you: I am very disappointed in the tag I received today from your competitor. The text is 3 times smaller, very close together, and uneven. It's not nearly as clear/easy to read as your tag. I will be placing another order from you for several tags. I just wanted to let other potential customers know, your tags can't be beat! They are outstanding! Even after being a few years old, my BoomerangTag is much more impressive looking than the new one I just received from another company. Goes to show, that extra buck or two really made a difference --- I've always heard "You get what you pay for" and your tags are a wonderful price to gegin with. Thanks

Kriss K, Bethlehem, PA

Wow! I ordered my dog's tag after work on Friday the 21st and received it today (Monday the 23rd) in the mail. Terrific service and a great product. I will be recommending you to other pet owners.

Boomerang Tags Comment: Wow! indeed, that is great service from our postal system, not every order arrives that quickly...

Kandyce H, Montana

As always the quality is fantastic. Great quality + great customer service = Boomerang Tags is the best!

Marjorie O, Massachusetts

I love the tags I ordered. Very professional looking. The dogs love them too! Thanks for a great job!

Gary S, Indiana
Brass Bone & Round Stainless

Just received my ID Tags. Incredible turn-around time; Ready to go abroad now! Super-impressed with the workmanship and the quality of the stainless steel is suberb. I'll definately be re-ordering in the future.

Al C, New York

I am so pleased with the stainless tag you made for my cat last week! It was a superb job job and I couldn't have asked for anything better. I will use your company from now on for and pass on your name to others. GREAT JOB and wonderful service! Thank you!

Sarah G, Arkansas
Round Stainless Tag

Just received my first order from you. It was for three dog ID tags. They are absolutely of the highest quality. My husband looked at them and said "They are so nice, why didn't you order two for each dog?" Well, I didn't know how nice they would be. We'll be sure to reorder!

Rosemarie R, New York
Plastic Bone Shaped Tags

I wanted to thank you for such superior products. I have CollarTags for my dog and I ordered a bone shape tag for my borders. You have a fantastic quality product at a fantastic price and you can't beat the turn-around time. Thanks!

Christy C, Oklahoma
CollarTags and Stainless Bone Tags

Thank you for the lovely tag and collar! It looks great on my mutt. The engraving is so deep that I doubt it will wear off! I received it in nine days even though I live in Singapore. Thank you. I will be ordering from you again if I ever need to change any of my information.

Karen K, Singapore
CollarTag combo

I recently purchased a dog tag off your internet site. I decided to try the plastic one and I love it. I'm telling all my friends to order from you and just wanted to let you know. :):) Thanks!

Michelle M, Lousianna
Heart Shaped Plastic

The tags are great! Thanks for such speedy delivery. My dogs are "stylin."

Vandi H, Kansas
Plastic Bone Shape

I received the Pet ID Tag for my dog and I agree: It is the best tag we have ever purchased. I will highly recommend your tags to family and freinds.

Lynn G, North Carolina
Adjustable CollarTag

Your tags are the best!!!!!!!!

Karen L, Kansas

I just wanted to say that I received my pet tag in a timely manner and think it is of great quality.

Elizabeth K, Ohio
Stainless Bone Tag

Thanks for the quick delivery, reasonable price, great mini CollarTag.

Julie G, Michigan
mini Adjustable CollarTag

I would just like to say: Thank Goodness for Boomerang Tags! I just adopted a dog from the humane society and my sister ordered a tag for me as a gift. I only had my dog "FRANK" for one month when he wandered away and was luckily found by a neighbor and promptly returned safe and sound. Thank you for such a great product.

Lori O, Hawaii
Plastic Tag

These tags are wonderfully crafted, just as our previous order, and are beautiful. Thanks for offering such a fantastic type of pet id tag for the pet's collar. They never bang on the food dish or make a ruckess when the dog shakes.

Tamara B, South Dakota
Adjustable CollarTags

I ordered my tags on Wednesday and received them on Monday. Super fast shipping and Grade A quality. I have never seen anything like this and will definitely reccomend you to everyone I know. They're perfect, I love them and I know anyone who buys from you will too! Thank you so much!

Stefanie A, Illinois
Plastic Bone Tag

This is the second time I have purchased tags from you, my decision to order from you is more than just due to an inexpensive item, it is the quality as well as the service provided.

Carlos V, Florida
Adjustable CollarTags

I love your pet tags!

Attractive, comfy --- my cat loves it too!!

I'll tell my friends.

Carolyn W, Washington State
Adjustable mini CollarTags (this time)

Just wanted to say that I love your CollarTags! I've had so many comments from other pet lovers about how great these tags are and I've tried to refer them all to your website. Just saying thanks.

Abby H, Michigan

We received our pet tag in the mail today. Very nice tag. Had one made a while back out of aluminum and it did not last. This one will last longer than our pet's life.

The Palmers, Indiana
Brass Bone Tag

Just want you to know my Boomerang order arrived yesterday - it's great. Even better than I expected from the photo... Really nice work, and I'll definately let people know where I found it. You should charge even more than you do, it's almost too good a deal. Thanks again.

Rick K, Georgia
Double thick collar and CollarTag combo

I recently order the pet id tag I ordered from you. I am thoroughly thrilled with both the quality of the tag and the promptness of your service...a lot of people will inquire about these unique and classy tags.

Nilo, New York

I really like the tags. They were even better than I thought when I placed the order. They arrived very quickly too. I will refer my friends who have pets to your site for sure.

Jim K, Oregon
Stainless Tag

I ordered my tag on Thursday and it arrived on Monday. It is wonderful. The quality is excellent. I had a tag like this that I bought back in 1993. It must have been from your previous company because it was just like this one. It lasted through my dog's lifetime and looked new almost 10 years later. I will always buy my future pet tags from you. The qualkity and price are excellent and quick shipping is always a plus.

Paula S, Central California
Plastic Tag

I am ordering from you again since our last tag (1 year old) has not shown one day of wear on it! This tag is on a very active Great Dane! (With other tags rubbing on it.) Still a perfect tag! These are, without doubt, the best tags I have ever purchased! And I love that we can put EXACTLY what we want on them! Thanks so much! We intend to replace the other two Dane's tags (not bought from you)with yours VERY soon!

Michele K, Georgia
Stainless Tag

Thank you so much for the world's best dog tags and customer service!!!! We have two mastiffs and it's really hard to find tags that will hold up to the wear and tear of our dogs. What is really amazing is all the compliments we get on how beautiful the tags are and how logical the concept is to have the tags right on the collar. Thank you so much for the great looking tags...

Shelly C, U.S. Military

I recently ordered your highly recommended CollarTag for my chihuahua I constantly change her collars to match her sweaters/outitis, the CollarTag is extremely convinient and hassle-free to interchange. Also my pet does not have to deal with any dangling tags while she eats or drinks from her bowls. These CollarTags will be the only ID Tag I will use from here on out. You can't beat the lifetime warranty either. Thanks for introducing these new tags to me Boomerang Tags!

Roxanne G, Los Angeles, Ca
mini Adjustable CollarTag combo

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful tags!! They are beautiful, and the first tags that we have purchased that we feel will actually last... We will definately recommend Boomerang Tags to every one we know!

Boomerang Note: Pet ID Tags should last, your pet's safety is no place for "planed obsolescence." We make all our tags with your pet's safe return foremost in mind.

Misty L, Tennessee
Single and Double Thick Slide-on CollarTags and Adjustable CollarTags

Our dog's tag came already!! It is awesome!! There is no way he will lose this one--or beat it to a pulp. The engraving is great--big enough for someone to read without having to tug at his collar... Such an outstanding tag at such a reasonable price!

Eileen A, North Carolina
Adjustable CollarTag

I have ordered 3 of your Pet ID Tags, and I LOVE them. I have recommended you to all of my dog owning friends. The adjustable collar tags are fabulous! And, they arrived the day after I placed my order! WOW!

Boomerang Note: Kim does live in California, tags mailed to the East Coast will take a few days more.

Kim B, California
Adjustable CollarTag

Your pet tags are the greatest! I have four very active Labs and they have never lost their Boomerang Adjustable CollarTags. One of our puppies got away from a trainer's house and the tag stayed on her through the woods and ponds and got her home to us. Thanks for such a great product!

Tracy L, Alabama
Adjustable CollarTag

I just received my 3rd CollarTag from you and I am a very pleased customer!! They look so nice on my dog... I have had so many compliments on them and have referred you to those people!! ... just thankful I found your site!! GOOD JOB!!!

Shawna D, Kansas
Double Thick CollarTag

We have ordered tags from your company 3 different times but only because of phone number changes. The quality of your tags is unbelievable. The current tags look as good as they did when I first put them on my dogs at least two years ago. Wow! It is especially wonderful that so much information can be put on the tags because you offer text on both sides. And the information is easy to read too. Thanks for making such a great pet id tag.

Helen H, Texas
Plastic Tags

I love it! The dog tag is so handsome on my dog's adjustable collar. Thank goodness I found your website because this is just what I was looking for and I didn't even know it! I have recommended your tags... Thank you for making quality pet id tags at affordable prices.

Julie W, Missouri
Adjustable CollarTags

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my tag. Even better than I imagined it would be, superior quality and perfect fit. Delivery was very quick across the Atlantic. I will be recommending them to everyone I know.

Eleanor P., England
Adjustable CollarTag

I've been using Boomerang Tags for over three years now and have probably ordered 6 to 10 tags throughout the years as I have found your tags to be of high quality and they are reasonably priced; they are a great value overall compared to all the other on-line pet tag companies and in-store tag machines. Shipping is fast and I've never had any problems with the ordering process. Thanks again for making a great product and running a professional company.

Josh T, Washington State
Plastic Tags

These pet id tags are of great quality. I ordered a medium Brass Bone Tag about 8 months ago and it only looks better with age. I will definitely come back to Boomerang for all my future dog tag orders.

Andy T, Alabama
Brass Tags

Just wanted to send a quick "thank you" for the spectacular service we received for this order. Our Pet's ID Tag arrived less than a week after we ordered it! Unbelievable!! The quality of the tag for the price you charge is also unmatched by any other pet tag service. This is the second tag we've ordered from you and we will deinitely recommend Boomerang Tags to our friends. Thanks again for the speedy service and a great product!!

Beth O, Kentucky
Double Thick CollarTag

Your product and service is amazing! I can't believe how quickly the pet id tags and collars arrived and how much I really like them. What a great idea!

Deb B, Bay Area of Calif.
Adjustable CollarTag combo

We just wanted to tell you how please we are with our order. Shipping was prompt and the quality of the engraving far exeeded the last set of pet id tags we purchased elsewhere.

Fran S, California

I received my dog's new collar and CollarTag today, what fast shipment!!! Ordering was so easy and I am so pleased with the collar and tag. It's BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't wait to get it on him. Your company is A+++++. Thanks

Gair R, New York
CollarTag and Double Thick Collar Combo

Just wanted to let you know, I ordered your adjustable CollarTag last spring for my greyhound's Martingale Collar. The tag STILL looks good after almost a year of constant wearing. It has NEVER given us any problems, soon I'll be ordering more tags for my other two dogs...

Thank you for creating the adjustable CollarTag, making them worth the money, and pricing them affordably. I hope you stay in business forever. :)

Boomerang Comment: WOW! Thank you Mary! I'll be here making tags till the good Lord says it's time to come home.

Mary Y, Georgia
Adjustable CollarTag

I just wanted to send a note and tell you that I love your dog tags. They are the best I have ever purchased. Thanks for making such a great product. I will be sure to recommend your company to anyone I know with pets.

Melissa S, Nebraska
Plastic Tags

I purchased one of your Man ID Tags for my father. He suffered a stroke last year and has difficulty remembering things...I was confident he would be better off with this tag than an id braclette. I was absoluely correct, we are very pleased with this product. One side has his name, address, telephone number, the other side is used as an alert for his Medical Condition. We are so please that my father wants to give them as Christmas presents.

Also: Your web site is very "user Friendly."

Kathryn M, Los Angeles Area of California
ManTags / Military Style Medical Tags

We just received Samson's new pet id tag and it is, without a doubt, the best tag we have ever seen. When it comes to quality and cost you guys have everyone beat! Thank you so much.

Chirstopher C., Southern California
mini adjustable CollarTags

I have purchased several brands of Pet ID Tags for my dogs-- and they all became unreadable within months of the dogs playing in the fields and the streams. I just received id tags from you-- WOW !!!!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Thanks for thinking of the end use and user. You'll have repeat business from me for sure.

Dr. Jim M, New York
Large Round Stainless Tags

Just wanted to let you know my pet's CollarTags arrived, GREAT! I am going to keep your site as a favorite as I think you run an honest business and have exceptional customer service!!!!

Kelly M, Colorado
mini adjustable CollarTags

We just got our tags and they are BEAUTIFUL! We have house guests right now and after one look at our new tags they are already planning to get some as Christmas gifts for every dog they know. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Reina, South Texas

Your tags are GREAT! We are so pleased with our order. Thank you for a good quality product, delivered quickly!

Jennifer, USA

Have been using your pet tag service for a few years now and it's superb.

Henry S, Colorado

FINALLY! I've been looking everywhere for a dog tag that doesn't "dangle." My dog has caught his tags in the air conditioning vent as well as almost hanging himself jumping over a fence due to these darn tags. I'm so grateful to have found your website. I'm ordering these tags for every dog I know for Christmas. Thanks again for a tag that could save my dog's life.

Kellye K., USA

I received Sam's Tag today and I am very impressed. The quality is great, just as you claimed on your website. I compared it to another pet tag I have, and actually there is no comparison... You will definately be recommended by me and I will probably order replacement tags for my other pets.

Tee D., Indiana
Small Stainless Heart Tag

We received the tags, and they were so great that I ended up going out and buying new collars for our dogs... Thank you so much for your wonderful tags; your generous customer service and your quick turnaround time. We really appreciate it!

Beck F, Georgia
Adjustable CollarTags

I just kind of smiled to myself when the Greyhound Guardians Rescue Group referred me to your site for dog tags. Really, I thought, a tag is a tag. I received our tags, one CollarTag and two bone shaped tags. Can I recant my previous thoughts? WOW, there is a HUGE difference in tags and I never knew it! These are truly outstanding, top shelf, just down right awesome! ... NOTHING about your product is cheap other than the fantastic price!

Thank you again and again. I will recommend you from now on to anyone!

Carmen K., Illinois
Adjustable CollarTag and Stainless Bone

You guys are AWESOME. I love my dog's id tags and the service was out of this world! I ordered my tags Thursday and received them on Monday. I love your service and will definately recommend it to my friends.

Michelle P, Minnesota
Double Thick CollarTag & Round Stainless

Just a note to compliment you on the terrfic product and service your company offers. The tags I ordered arrived in a flash. They look great. I am so pleased! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to friends.

Nancy G, New York
Round Plastic Tags

You deliver a consistently quality product in a timely fashion and are always 100% professional. I recommend you to anyone who gets a new companion animal!

Keep us the good work!

Allison Ezell, People for the ethnic treament of animals (PETA)
Slide-on CollarTags

I just want to say that I am very happy with the CollarTag. This is a very quality product; the engraving is much clearer than any I've seen before and the tag fits the collar perfectly. A pleasure doing business with you.

Lt. Major Steven T, Military overseas
Mini CollarTags

I have just received my order. The tag looks extremely beautiful.

Allen P., Singapore
Adjustable CollarTag combo

I got home last night and found my dog's id tag had been delivered. WOW, that's really fast turn around time! The tags are great looking and fit on her adjustable collar very nicely. Thanks for a great job.

Sandy T, Ohio
Adjustable CollarTag

Loved your medical alert tag. Quality is excellent, delivery super and price is reasonable. Won't hesitate to order in the future.

Josephine M, North Arlington, NJ

I just got my dog's tag in the mail. It is goregeous and it does fit on his collar!! I can see he will never lose thi beauty!! I am SO impressed with your work...

Karen B, Central California
Double-thick CollarTag for rolled leather collar

I just wanted to commend you on these CollarTags! What a brilliant way to have your contact information on a collar, and it doesn't JINGLE with each step of my two dogs! Your company was fast and accurate and you make wonderful tags! Thank you!

Traci H, Omaha, NE

I received my dog's pet id tag and collar today, what an outstanding product at an unbelievably reasonable price. I have been searching for quite a few YEARS for a tag that wouldn't come in contact with my dog's fur as he is pure white. No matter what any previouse tag was made of it caused discolration down his front, either due to the tag or the metal ring that held the tag. I believe this combo is indeed going to solve the problem and is one the the smartest ideas I have seen on the market. I most certainly will be recommending your product to my friends.

Pam I., Whitby, Ontario
Adjustable CollarTag combo

Please add my name to your list of satisfied customers. I am please with my selection of BoomerangTags for 3 reasons:

1)Your web site... Ordering was a "snap"

2)The speed in getting the product. I know your web site says you are fast but you are even faster than expected. I ordered on a Saturday morning and it is now the next Wednesday and I have my tags.

3) The quality of the product. Better than described or expected.

Today, when I am use to getting inferior service and products, I think accolades are due when a company delivers a good product quickly and at a fair price.

Thank you from more than a satisfied customer.

Bob C., Georgia
Type of Tag: Round Mini Brass

I just received the Dog Collar for our dog. I want you to know that it exceeded my expectations. I will recommend you to all my friends. I will be back when I need another one.

Jean A., Minnesota
CollarTag and collar combo did great! The engraving is much clearer than on any tag I've ever had done before and all the info fits on the tag perfectly. I will definitely tell my friends to use your services when they need pet id tags.

Jean, Erie, PA

Just received our very cool new collar with tag -- we are thrilled with it. No more clanging tags against the water bowl. I just took Carmen for a walk in the dog park, everyone noticed and admired her new collar. I think we may have started a trend!

Ellen R., Chicago
CollarTag and collar combo

Good job! I'm very happy with the collars you sent me. The tags are attractive, easy to read, and are attached securely.

Judy N, Oregon
CollarTag and collar combo

Wow!! I received my ManTag and was I ever impressed. The tag is perfect, the price fantastic and delivery was very prompt. Your web site is GREAT!!! Expect another order from me in the near future. I have recommended your site to all my friends. Keep up the good work!

C.A. Knill, London

I received my Boomerang Pet ID Tag today and I have to tell you the workmanship is quality. I am very impressed. I have bought many tags and never received one this well made.

Angela S, Kansas

I absolutely cannot believe how quickly we got our order. Our dog is proudly walking around with his new collar and tag! Great job. I will be recommending you and will be ordering again when we get our new puppy in December. Thanks!

Ordered: Double Thick Collar and CollarTag combo

Carol B, New York

Our two Aussies have worn your round plastic tasg for 4 years now and they're the best tags we've ever seen. They've held up to the wear and tear of two active dogs: swimming, mud, you name it. We recently moved so I have now ordered your CollarTags for adjustable collars (a change of pace and hopefully less jingling). I can't wait to see how great these are!

Susan S, Massachusetts

I'm very happy with the collars with id tags you sent me (CollarTag combo). The tags are attractive, easy to read, and are attached securely.

Judy N, Oregon

You guys ROCK!! I love these tags -- durable -- neat looking -- and I get alot of compliments!! Thanks for making tags that look classy, unlike alot of web sites I've been to!!

Jami M, Arizona

WOW! What an excellent product! I am thrilled with the tags you sent. I plan to order more and possible some for others at the stable. I want tags on ALL my horse's halters, bridles and collars.

Karen S, Germany
U.S. Military

Great service and terrific plastic tag. I am very pleased. Thanks so much!

Liz H, Oregon

Just wanted to let you know that all of my new pet id tags look great - probably the nicest plastic tags I have ever gotten! Your prices are very reasonable, especially as they include shipping. You can bet I will order from you again in the future.

Julie M, Arkansas

Received some of your plastic pet id tags about a week ago and they look great and are wonderful, I also just ordered a CollarTag for my dog... I just wanted to say that your tags are the best out there and I have done some research, so I appreciate the quality and the affordability.

Mark C, Minnesota

Hey - wanted you to know how satisfied I am with the service and speed with which my order was done. The ID Tag came yesterday. Looks good on my dog too!

Elaine I., New Jersey

Got the tags, love them! Thank you for the quick turnaround. Your tags are MUCH more visible on the dogs than the previous tags I was using.

Ken H., Vermont

These are by far the best pet id tags I have ever seen.

Jami L., Tennessee
Type of Tag: Adjustable CollarTag

I just wanted to tell you that I am very please with my dog's ID Tag that I ordered from you. It came very quickly and is of high quality. I'll be ordering more tags as gifts for my family's pets.

Jacquelyn B., Northern California

I love the id tags, they are as good as you say.

Holly C., Michigan

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm so sorry that the fault was mine and I truly appreciate your efforts in helping me out! I will definetly be recommending your tags to everyone I know with pets and I will certainly be raving about your superior customer service!

Trina S., Vermont

The tag is fine and we appreciate the fast service. But the customer service -- A fine example of how to treat customers.

Francis T., Delaware

I just received the CollarTags (which I ordered only yesterday!) and I have to tell you -- they are the coolest things. I've been looking for something like this for so long! My cats look so chic and they'll appreciate the fact that their tags no long dip into their dishes. I'm so glad the vending machine at the pet store was broken. Great product, great service!

Michele, Los Angeles, CA

I just received my tag and it is perfect!! Thank you so much for everything - your product as well as your service is excellent!

Kelly S., Michigan

I ordered both a regular slide-on CollarTag and an Adjustable CollarTag. I just wanted to let you know that the quality is outstanding. You do such a nice job. Also, these items were mailed to Japan and I received them much quicker than expected. Thank you for the excellent service.

Beth S., Japan

The tags I ordered are perfect! Shipped in record time.

Pat B., Arkansas

Absolutely the nicest Pet ID I've ever ordered, and I've ordered quite a few. I will be glad to recommend you any time the subject comes up. Very fast delivery as well. What more could one ask?

Bob B., Virginia

I received my ManTag Medical ID yesterday. This item is very important to my health. I got it 3 days after placing my order. Thank you for a high quality product.

Jeffrey V., Illinois

I just wanted to let you know that the tags I ordered are the best I have ever had or seen. They came exactly as described and the engraving is so nice and deep.

Janette K, born in the U.S.A.

These tags are so nice! I have never seen pet tags of this quality for sale before. The stainless one that I have (goes right on the adjustable collar) is great but I'm going to buy a black plastic one for the same dog right now. I will be showing them off to my dog loving friends and I'm sure they will be impressed.


Thank you for your great service. The tag arrived in no time and looks and fits great... All my neighbors have to listen to me rave about Boomerang Tags. Thank you so much.

Jennifer T, Earth

Your site is the best. I am please with your work as I have ordered before. The tags are so readable and lovely. Thank you.

Shirley J, Washington State

Dear Boomerang Gang: I just wanted to take the time to say how thrilled I am with your tags and service. This is without doubt the best tag I have encountered in years. Speedy delivery and helpful are too simple of words to describe how great you are. Note: Thank you Nancy! My mother use to always say that too :)

Nancy B, Soquel, Ca

Outstanding service; second-to-none. Very nice heavy weight tags. Your service is very fast. Next time I need a tag you are the only company I am buying from.

Mark F, Illinois

I really like your tags - best I've ever seen.

Sharon S., Iowa

Just a note to let you know that YOU REALLY DO offer THE BEST tags for pets!... I ordered one of your adjustable CollarTags and we love it!!!! Thanks for making the greatest pet tags ever!

Clarisse C., Massachusetts

Just received my order for a double thick collar and CollarTag combo. It is beautiful and very sturdy; just what my dog and I need! Thanks so much. I will let my doggie friends know that you exist because they are always losing their ID tags from those cheap collars.

Barbara G., California

This is the third tag we've ordered from your company, you guys work FAST! Everytime we order we get our tag in a matter of DAYS. Great Job!

Cathryn S., Texas

Your tags are excellent quality, your service is exceptional. I wouldn't buy a tag from anyone else. Many Thanks.

Larkin V., New Jersey

The tags are great, they're exactly what I ordered and the delivery was so fast I couldn't believe it. Thanks for the excellent service, I'll definately recommend you to friends!

Tamara O., Iowa

We received our dog's tag last week and I want to thank you for the excellent product and fast shipping!!

Bruce H., Florida

I wanted to let you know I have received my order and am VERY happy. I will be showing the tags to everyone who will listen!!!

Note from Boomerang Tags: My dad use to say "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." This is the place to get the highest quality Pet ID Tags available anywhere, and at a very resonable price. You can't go wrong here, we guarantee your satifaction with our tags, but ordering them is up to you.

Dawn G, Michigan

The tag looks geat and is of exceptional quality. Thanks for your exellent follow-up.

Nick, United States

Received the tags and they are great. They are everything the web site said they would be. Thanks!

Mary R, Indiana

I just wanted to let you know I'm reordering tags for our 4 dogs from you - only because our phone number has changed. These are the best tags I have ever used, and I've tried everything there is out there!! Thanks for doing such a great jog -- your commitment to quality and service are much appreciated!

Pam D, Michigan

I own three retired greyhounds, and foster frequently as well. These dogs require an id tag at all times as they can be in the next county in a matter of minutes if they get out, and they have no ability to find their way home. Your CollarTags have been the ulitmate solution to the annoying 'tag jingle' at our house. I've recommended them to may other greyhound owners as well. Having ordered several tags from you over the last couple of years I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your product. The quality is outstanding and they last longer than any other tag I've ever used. Keep up the good work!

Laurie L
type of tag: CollarTag

...due to a move this is the second time I have ordered from your company. Your tags cannot be surpassed in quality... Thank you for offering such a wonderful product at such a competitive price. Like an American Express Card, my dogs won't leave home without it!

Deborah H, Earth

Again, another super quick shipment of a tag that was ordered over the Labor Day Weekend. All my tags come from Boomerang... all four of my dogs say "Woof!!" to the great tags they proudly sport on their collars.

Ann W, South Carolina
type of tag: CollarTag

I have ordered tags from your company numerous times, and I have to say they get better every time. I have two cat and two dogs and I ordered CollarTags for all four of my furkids for less than 30 bucks. I know that these tags will last until the dawn sets over a purple sky and the only need to replace them will be when, and if, the military moves me again. Thanks so much for great products!

Stephanie K, Arkansas
Type of tags: Adjustable CollarTags

Got my order and the tag looks great! I was concerned that it would not stay on his collar, but it works like a charm! Thanks

Janet P, Arizona
Type of Tags: Adjustable CollarTag

Received the tags today and they are great. Thanks for the quick service... I really like the fact that you engrave information on both sides, that's what I have been looking for so I'm glad I found you. I'll refer you to my friends.

Donna J, Georgia
Type of tag(s): Small Round Plastic

Thank you very much for the well made, high quality dog tags that I received from you. They arrived in less than a week, much quicker than I had anticipated. They are beautiful, and so much better than the old brass one my dog had on before. Nutmeg is proud to wear her tags, and I have to say I am very pleased with them too. Your customer service was also excellent, something which is severly lacking in most business dealing today. Boomerang Tags are the ones I trust for my Jack Russell's safety.

Michelle E, North Carolina
Type of tags: Small Stainless Bones

We have ordered 4 or 5 tags from you because I enjoy having fun stuff engraved on the back of the tags. Your customer service is second to none as well as your product. I truly appreciate your service, and, because of your product and service I will forever be purchasing my tags through you.

Mike B, Southern California
Type of tag: Round plastic

This nice lady requested a free remake of a broken plastic tag, I said sure... but then we discovered she had not ordered the tag from us. "You are correct, I did get the tag from another company. I will be ordering a new one from you guys though! Thanks so much for you time. I will, from now on, be a loyal customer. :) "

Kim, New York
Type of tag: Plastic

Loving the new tags!!!! Thank you!!!

Shannon Kaye, California
Type of tag: Double Thick CollarTag

I just wanted to thank you for the fast A-1 service I received. The ID Tag I ordered arrived much sooner than I thought it would, thank you!

Meredith F, Maine
Type of tag: Stainless Bone

Please please please don't ever stop making these tags!!! Charge a bit more or send them out in a week instead of 24 hours; but don't stop making them, they are wonderful and I recommend you highly.

Donna K, Oregon
Type of tag: Double Thick CollarTag

Your tags are super!

Lesley C, South Carolina

Thank you so much for your beautiful Mini CollarTag. I ordered the mini size and it fits 3/8" collar perfectly. This is the best tag I've ever seen! You have found a customer for life! Thanks again for the beautiful work.

Leia W., Cleveland, OH
Type of Tag: mini adjustable CollarTag

I bought my first Boomerang Tag a year-and-a-half ago, today it still looks as good as new. I ordered a new tag for my tiny Maltese Puppy, it arrived a couple of days later and I couldn't be happier. Since your plastic tags hold up as well as they do, I don't know how you make any money with repeat customers. It just isn't necessary to replace Boomerang Tags unless you move or acquire a new pet. These days it's great to get a quality product that more than lives up to its claims. Boomerang Tags is a delight to deal with.

Melody E, Georgia
Type of Tag: Mini Plastic Bone

Just wanted to thank you so much for my dog's tags. I ordered late on a Thursday Night and got them in my USPS Mail on Monday Morning. I'm so impressed with the service, and the tags look beautiful. I really don't think that the engraving will ever wear out! Thanks so much. I'll recommend you to anyone I know with a pet.

Leigh Ann, Pennsylvania
Type of tag: Stainless Bone

Thank you, thank you. At the beginning of this year I purchased adjustable CollarTags for my sled dogs. Tuesday one of my yearlings disappeared, he was gone when I got home from work. I had about given up on finding him, but after four days I got a call this evening that he had been found, almost eight miles away. They had read his CollarTag. Hershey is home now and hasn't shut up in almost two hours, I don't know which one of us is happier. THIS is exactly why I purchased these tags, thanks again, from me AND Hershey.

Brenda B, Alaska
Type of tag: Adjustable CollarTag

Wow - thanks for the super fast shipping of my order. The mini tag is perfect for our new puppy. We had to buy a small adjustable collar for her tiny neck. When she is full-grown I'll purchase something larger from you. Thanks much for your great service and products!

Julie S
Type of tag: mini adjustable CollarTag

Not long ago I ordered a Boomerang Tag for my chihuahua and I must say, it is the best tag I have ever purchased for a pet. I am very pleased with the tag that I received. I have placed another order for my new chihuahua puppy and I am certain that he won't be able to damage such a high quality tag. I was also impressed wiht how quickly I received the completed tag, within just days of my ordering it. Very good customer service! I appreciate doing business with you and will definately advertise for you via "word of mouth" to freinds and family who are looking for a high quality product at such an affordable price.


Just wanted to drop a quick line to say how impressed I was with both your service and your product. Your web site was very user friendly and the product looked great. Not knowing a thing about your company I felt I was taking a chance ordering online...but was very pleasantly surprised by the ease of ordering, response time and the quality of the product itself. Thank you for providing such a wonderul service and for providing great tags that will insure the safety of my new baby Mastiff. I really appreciate it.

Jennifer M, Arizona

I hand make collars for toy dogs and I love your CollarTags so much that I'm offering to order them and place them on my collars for my customers!

Elizabeth K., Oregon

I bought two of your round plastic tags for my cats more than a year ago. I just wanted to write that they still look wonderful. By using two sided printing I was able to get tons of information on the tags and I recommend your web site to anyone who asks me about pet tags. Thanks for a great product.

Megan L., Arkansas

I got my order for two adjustable collars with CollarTags installed today.

My brother lost his dog while on a hunting trip last year. The tag on his dog's collar was riveted on, but it came off at some point and was lost along with the dog. The only thing that saved my brother's dog was a vaccination tag from his vet.

Your collars are really nice, and there's no way this tag will come off!

Chris V, Maine

The tag arrived (fast!) and it is simply beautiful. It looks great on my dog's collar. We have never has a CollarTag before and I'm super pleased with it.

Lecia B, Wisconsin

On July 22nd I adopted a beautiful brindle Whippet from the local animal shelter. As soon as I got home I found your website and ordered a new Collar with a Boomerang CollarTag (Little did I know then that my purchase would turn out to be one of the best investments I've ever made). I quickly received my order on July 24th, unfortunately "Roxy" ran away during a frightening storm on the 26th. Thankfully she was returned to me unharmed. THANK YOU Boomerang Tags for bringing "Roxy" back into my life. Your incredibly thankful customer, Susan

Susan P, Georgia

I received my dog's Boomerang CollarTag. It is absolutely the best tag I have ever seen. Thank you.

Peg Q, New Jersey

I want to tell you, these Boomerang Tags are the best tags I've ever gotten for my dog. I have a few different ones for his different collars an harnesses. We just got another puppy and I ordered his tags from you too. Thank you for a great price and a great product! I would never get tags anywhere else.

Cyndi M, New York

Thank you! Ted and Rusty are proud of their new tags are we are delighted!

Bob W., Texas

We received our order for three Boomerang Tags - just want you to know how pleased we are. The order was processed so quickly and the tags are QUALITY. You can quote us on it!

Bill & Mary H, New Jersey

Our pet's Boomerang ID Tag arrived today, it's perfect! Right size, sturdy and very smart looking! Order was received quickly. Thanks. I'll be ordering again!

Marci S., California

I am really pleased with your product! The engraving is so clear and readable, this is the best tag I have ever seen! Thanks a million!

Tracy M., New Hampshire

I just wanted to say how much we love the dog tags we got from you for our 2 Mastiff's. I really love the craftsmanship and how easy and friendly it was to order them. Everyone who sees the tags ask where we got them and I send them to this website. I really enjoy them and thank you so much for a great transaction. I know that my 2 babies, America and Freedom, really like them too.

Charity is a member of our armed forces, so: Thank You Charity !!!and thanks to all the other members of our military who work to keep us safe and free. God Bless you all.

Charity C, Maryland

Your items are super quality and shipped very fast! This is the second tag we've ordered from you and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Belinda A., Texas

We received the tags that we ordered yesterday and they are far superior compared to other tags! I love that you have a wide selection of colors for your plastic tags. Thank you!

Fiona C., Texas

Well, once again, tags arrived SUPER FAST and PERFECT!! I love you guys! I have no idea how many times I have ordered now from you (5?? 6?? more???) but tags are always here within a couple of days and are done correctly-- EVERY TIME. You do have the best tags on the market. Worth every penny! Of course, we will be back again, I'm sure! ... Giving your name out to everyone... Sorry for gushing!!! Just so damn happy about your tags! LOL

Leanna W., Central California

I just wanted to write and say that my fiancee and I are thrilled with the dog tag we got from you. Excellent quality and well made! I will be sure to recommend your site to anyone in search of a quality dog tag.

William T.

I bought two of your tags awhile back and I was astonished by the quality of the tags... The best part is the engraving, there is no comparison to a tag that is stamped. I recommend these tags to anyone who has a pet and needs a good id tag. Thank you.

Tony A.

The tags are wonderful... so much nicer than the tags I've purchased in the past. And your's were the same price! I'll definitely come back to you for pet tags in the future and refer all my friends to your site :)

Note: Our tags may be the same price, but our mailing charges are less, they = $0.00, you can't beat that.

Nikki M., Texas

It isn't often that you come across a product that is VASTLY superior to every other product of its kind on the market, yet costs the same amount as the inferior products. I could not be happier with my tag, and I plan to purchase tags form your company as long as you are in business. Just for the record, I very rarely give out testimonials.

John W., North Carolina

We could not be happier with the service, cost, and quality of the pet tags we got from you. We ordered on Wednesday and had the tags on our new pet on Saturday. The tags look great on him! Thanks

Paul A., Indiana

This is the best tag I've found anywhere! Your quick service is to be commended also. I'll certainly pass this along to my pup's obedience class too. Thanks, and I know we'll be return customers!

Susan N, Kansas

You guys are the greatest. I can't get over how fast we received this order. Everything was PERFECT, not one mistake!!!! I would recommend Boomerang Tags for every pet on the planet. Thank you.

Bob & Jen, Nevada

I am completely satisfied with the clear instructions on your website, your reasonable prices, your many choices, your speed of delivery and the qualitiy of the tags. Such a refreshing experience! Thank you VERY much!

Kelly, San Francisco Bay Area of Calif.

I received my stainless slide-on CollarTags for my pets. Your advertisement was right - these are the most well made pet tags I have ever purchased! The engraving is deep and clear. In the past I have had tags that I could practically rub the engraving off of if I tried hard enough. Thanks for a wonderful product. I will recommend you to all of my dog and cat owner friends and family!

Lisa P, New York

Thank you so much for the wonderful new tags! Our pets look great sporting their sturdy new CollarTags. We placed our order on Thursday and the tags arrived bright and early Monday morning! The web site photos don't do justice to the quality of these tags; they're definitely worth every penny. We appreciate the workmanship and pride you display in your products.

Ruiz Family, Texas

Thanks for the beautiful dog tags. I love the dog CollarTags I ordered. They look great and don't make any noise. Your engraving is very deep unlike the old tags I was replacing. I bought your tags for my cats a couple of years ago and those tags were just as nice.

Gen R., California

I recently purchased one of your adjustable CollarTags. What a great tag! Your delivery was fast and I could not have asked for a better quality product! Thank you.

Natalie M, Maryland

We just received your dog tags, two days after placing our order. We were most impressed with the quality and beauty of the tags. We were amazed that we could include so much emergency information on them. Thank you for such a superior product. We now feel free to travel with our pets.

Joan C., Texas

Just letting you know we bought a tag about a year ago, the slider kind (a CollarTag) and love it. Snowball was a chewer and chewed here other tags to pieces. The slider tag is great and she can't get to it. We recommend your tags... At the small dog playground we attend the other dog owners were very impressed that after a year our CollarTag is still new looking. Thank you for a great product.

Nancy K., Rhode Island

I just received the two plastic tags I ordered for my dog. They're fabulous, very easy to read. They cooridnate so well with her existing collars that I plan to buy more tags to round out her 'necklace' wardrobe. Thanks!

Kristin N, Minnesota

I love your tags. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product at a reasonable price. I also really value your fast service.

Hilary S., Washington in the Beautiful Northwest

I ordered one of the stainless CollarTags, it's great!! It doesn't get caught on things, so my puppy is safer* and it's not as ugly as the traditional hanging type of tag. Just want to write and say thanks for sending a good product, and so fast.

*NOTE: Many people have written me regarding incidents where their pet's hanging tags have gotten caught on things: in the floor heater grate, between the boards of decks and on food racks... Certainly safety issues to consider when choosing a style of tag. I believe our CollarTags are your best pet id option, and they never wear out.

Nikki R., Louisiana

This was my first time ordering from Boomerang Tags. The tags are engraved deep so they are easy to read and the lettering won't wear off. Adding information to the back was a plus... My small dog has a raised feeder. Her tags became wedged between the bowls and the feeder frame; she panicked and ran through the house screaming flinging food and water everywhere. Luckily I was home to to get her out of it's a lesson learned... Gracie now has the flat slip on style (a CollarTag). When her collar wears out I can easily move it to her new collar. ... I called and spoke to Don directly. He pointed out there was another place a pet's hanging tags can get stuck: floor heater and air grates! (customers have also reported their pet's tags have become lodged between the boards in their deck) I'm happy to learn that some body who produces pet products cares about quality and safety. We are very happy and highly recommend this site!

Athena, Southern California

The Tags arrived today and I just want to let you know that I'm very pleased with them. Everything is correct and they look so neat. The first set of tags (ordered from one of your competitors) took 3 returns before everything was correct, I wish I had found Boomerang before I ordered them. I'm going to tell all my pet owning freinds about Boomerang Tags. My two dogs and I thank you.

Brenda H, Arkansas

Not only am I impressed with how fast this CollarTag came, but it is the perfect size and I love the way it looks! Thank you so much and I'll be sure to give people your name when they inquire about my dog's tag.

Cheryl L, New Jersey

I just received my new CollarTag in the mail today and I am extremely satisfied with it! It looks great and is of excellent quality, you have a customer for life!

Valerie, Texas

Thanks for such quick service. I received my tag within a week of placing the order, which is brillant considering you are on the other side of the globe. The finish and quality is excellent, and I am delighted with your product and service.

Steve C, England

Wow..such fast service... We love our pet's new CollarTag ... I WILL REFER YOU TO ANYONE>> and I will tell my vet about you tomorrow ... KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK AND GOOD HONEST SERVICE AT A FAIR PRICE!

Elizabeth L, Hawaii

We received our tags today. I must say, we are really impressed with the quality of the tags and collars. (ordered the CollarTag combo)

Daun P, Colorado

I love your tags! And your wonderful service! I have ordered from you in the past and will never order from anyone else. You're great!

Julie A

Oh my gosh! These tags are awesome! They arrived just when promised, look great, and went on SO easily! My dogs were so excited to get new "jewelry" on their collars -- and now I don't have to worry about my toddler yanking on their dog tags. I opened the package containing the tags when some friends were over, one friend was so impressed, she took home the ordering information to order CollarTags for her dogs! Thank you, thank you, for having a web site that's a delight to order from, and for such a high-quality product! We'll be ordering again and letting all of our friends know about CollarTags!

Rachel S, California

Just a few words of thanks. It's refreshing to have a competent web site, a forgiving user interface, prompt service, and what appears to be a very high quality product. I am was very pleased.

Jim M, Ohio

Thanks, the tags are great. I am very happy with them!

Dianne R, California

This is the 3rd or 4th order. Your tags really are nice, reasonably priced for the excellent quality, and your service is excellent. Thanks for the great products and service. It is hard to find any business that has it all together these days! We will continue to use your tags and refer you to others at every opportunity.

Cynthia C, Maryland

The 4 tags arrive and they are THE BEST!! I am so glad I found your site to order tags. I have never really been pleased with any of the companies I have purchased from before - lettering too small, they wear out quickly, etc. My labs send "doggie wags" to you.

Susan B, California

Boomerang Tags - I want to let you know your product and your service are both great! Not only did my tag arrive quickly, but it looks very good as well. Your website was very informative and user friendly. Thank you for a pleasant on-line shopping experience.

Lisa C, Texas

Your customer service is wonderful. Thanks again!

Pamela A, Florida

My family recently lost a pet that was very special to us, he was a house dog with no pet tag; I thought 'since he barely ever goes outside unless he is with us he would not need one.' We have a new pet now and I do see the need for a pet tag. When I saw your information I decided to order a tag, I thought it would be just like any tag you see, but I am writing to let you know that you are standing behind your word. The tags are very nice and well worth the money. I will order all of my tags from you from now on. It is rare to find a business like yours and it is appreciated.

Matthew H, Ohio

Just wanted to thank you for the nice tags and the speedy delivery. These really are of a nice quality. I will definately purchase more for any additional collars I acquire and will be sure to recommend your company to all the dog owners I know.

Vicki S, Michigan

Just wanted to say thanks! Your service was prompt, accurate and the quality of the tags is great. I will be a returning customer and will refer you to family and friends.

Lisa C, Oregon

I recently ordered a pet id tag from you in stainless steel. I was extremely surprised when I opened my envelope, the tag was extremely well crafted, the text was clear as a bell, and more legible than any others I have seen. Usually the quality of today's items can be lousy to say the least... Your product however, is just as good with regards to quality as things were in the old days when they were made by highly skilled craftsmen...which I believe you are. My little "runner" is wearing his tag proudly. I highly recommend your tags. Thank you so much.

Cathi W, New Hampshire

I received my CollarTag today, I was surprised to receive it so quickly following a holiday weekend. The tag is perfect and seems extremely well made. I also got a collar from you as well and this new collar is actually better than my pet's former collar. Thanks a bunch!

Jen L, Michigan

I just wanted to say thank you for offering a great quality product at such a great price. I originally ordered tags for both my dogs and am re-ordering again after a lost tag. I will only come back and order from you because I know you have great quality tags. Thanks

JoAnna U, Southern California

I recently order a tag from you. At the same time I happened to order from two other companies, having never ordered a pet tag before. Your mailing was lightening fast, in a day or two. The others, with the word "speed" and "express" in their titles were much slower. Your price was quite reasonable, lower and than the others. Your tag was a quality, durable tag, and the letters were very clear and accurate. The other two had text errors and were very cheaply made... You provide a true quality service to those of us who care about our pets, I will recommend you to everyone, and I will never order from any other company again. Thank you sincerely.

Thank you Mary! and we sincerely care about our customer's pets too! that is why we don't sell or make any junk.

Mary A., Washington

...I was skeptical at first about the CollarTag for the Matingale Style Collars, I am 100% a believer now! Great product and service... Thanks!

Bonnie B, Texas

We received our Boomerang Tag yesterday and it is just beautiful! Thanks for such a great product...

Yvonne C, California

The quality of your tags and collars is excellent and your service is incredibly fast. Thank you for selling such a great product.

Tim C, Virginia

I recently ordered a stainless steel tag, and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with both the quality of the product and the speedy service you provide.

James K, Arizona

Thanks so much for the great tag and such expeditious service. We are thrilled with such a great new tag for our dog.

Erikka & Rick D, Maine

I just received my second tag from you. A couple of months ago we got one that fits on my dog's collar (a CollarTag). I really like that one but was worried that nobody would see it because he is so furry -- it is hard to even see his collar! So the other day I ordered the dog bone that hangs. He wears them both now! I think your tags are great. I can read them easily and don't think the lettering will wear off like it did on his old one we got out of one those vending machines. Thank you so much for your great products and fast service.

Mary B, Southern California

My order came so quickly! And the tags are just perfect! I love them and they seem so durable!

Shannon R, South Carolina

I just have to tell you that I LOVE your tags and amn very happy with my order (bought mini adjustable CollarTags). I will certainly recommend you to others.

Chris D, New York

I would like to say that I am truly impressed with the CollarTag and collar combo I ordered. I can believe that such a high quality collar could be purchased so in expensively. Keep up the good work...I have been recommending you to all my friends.

Michelle M, Alabama

We got our tags today. They are the best we have ever seen! Very deep engraving and good black color for the text plus firm metal and no sharp edges. Great job.

Jay K, Maryland

I received my order today and would like to let you know how pleased I am with it. I really like the CollarTags. They appear to be well made and they look good too. This is not the first time I have ordered from you. I have been very happy with all of the tags I have bought from you.

Ray G, New Jersey

I just wanted to let you know we got our dog's adjustable CollarTag in the mail today, and it does indeed work beautifully. Thanks for making such a durable and attractive tag!

Sara T, Maryland

Just wanted to let you know that your company is wonderful. What a joy working with you!! Thank you.

Kim, Wisconsin

Thanks for the fantastic looking tags! CollarTags are definitely the way to go. Everyone else I know is going to hear about these!

Keri W, Texas

I have just ordered another tag from you, I think this is number 8. I thought I would let you know that these tags are the best and each one has been done well. I never shop anywhere else and I will always be your customer. Thanks for a great job.

Terri S, Oregon

Your tags are the best. I wouldn't waste my money on any other tags. I've bought your tasg for my dogs, my mother's cat and refer you to every pet owner I know. They don't come any better. Thank you.

Alice D, Arizona

I just wanted to compliment you on your product. This is the second time I have ordered from your website and I just love it. Your products are top quality, your prices are reasonable, and I get my order very quickly. Thank you very much for providing such great customer service.

Chrissy W, Kentucky

Tag was received, it is by far the best out there.

Carla D, New York

I ordered four dog tags last Thursday and received them on Monday. I then realized that they were made and mailed the same day I ordered - you really did what you promised. A great big thanks and keep up the good work.

Susan P, North Carolina

I just received my 2 pet ID tags in the mail today, Tuesday... I couldn't believe how fast they came after ordering them on Sunday. They are perfect! Comparing them to the old tags really showed how high quality they are! They are sturdy and the engraving is nice and deep. Thank you, what a great product! Also, they are even less expensive than the mail away tags avaiable in pet stores. I will recommend you to my dog owning friends.

Marisa, Central California

I recently ordered a CollarTag & Collar Combo from you. I just wanted to let you know I am so impressed with the quality of the products I've received for such a low price. I will definately recommend your site to friends and family. Thank you!

Sherrie S, Texas

Just wanted to say Thank You for the great stainless steel tags. I can't believe that you were able to fit so much information on such a small tag.

Sarah B, Southern California

I just received my two dog tags in the mail the other day, and I really like them. They're so much nicer than I was expecting! I wanted to thank you guys for the prompt service. I took a chance buying from someone I didn't know, but I am definately not disappointed. Will send business your way... Thanks again!

April K, Northern California

Just received the CollarTags I ordered in the mail... They look so stylish! Thanks for the high quality work and the no frills attitude of your website. Actually, after visiting your website, I had high hopes for your product and I'm glad to say you did not disappoint.

Michelle W, California

I am very satisfied with your product, value, and fast service. I have placed many orders on-line, including orders from other tag companies and I will definitely recommend yours above the others.

Lynn Z, Texas

Your tags are awesome. I can't stop ordering them!

Maureen S, New Jersey

Thank you for the quick and accurate service with regards to my dog's tag! It looks great, fits the collar well (she ordered one of our CollarTags)and is a good value.

Mary S., California

I LOVE your tags. They are the best. I ordered your CollarTags months ago, they hae resisted wear and tear. I would have gone through three of the traditional style tags by now!

Mickey R, Texas

Yours are the ONLY plastic tags that last on my four crazy Siberian Huskies. I can't recall how many other tags fell off or became illegible in a month or two. The pack's current tags are in perfect condition but I am moving and needed to change the information. Thank you for making such a great product.

Nancy M, New York

A quick thank you for sending us two excellent tags to us all the way to New York, 72 hours from when I placed the order until they arrived at my house. I won't hesitate to order another from you, as these are by far the best tag/collar combo I have found, both the quality and the price. Thank you for caring to make a product worthy of these special creatures." Obviously Cathy loves her pets.

Catherine K, New York

Thanks for my recnt order - it is perfect and such good value for the money! I have ordered two more today. Once again, thank you for such good service.

katie M, Great Britain

I just got my new Plastic Pet Tags and I LOVE THEM! In fact I'm going to order another set in black. I think every greyhound should have these tags.

Heather B, North Carolina

We are very pleased with the superior quality and service we received from Boomerang Pet Tags. The adjustable CollarTag is ideal for our greyhound who wears a Martingale style of collar.

John E, Pennsylvania

Yeah! My pet's tag came today (only two business days after I ordered it!). We are so happy with the results. We ordered the kind of tag that fits onto the collar (a CollarTag). Our dog looks so handsome with his name on his collar! Thank you for the quick service and a great looking tag!

Jennifer H, Kentucky

We bought to of your Boomerang Tags with ease and are satisfied with them. Your speed and excellent product keep us coming back and we are glad to refer you to family and friends for their tag and collar needs.


I have eight pets and would never go anywhere else for my tags. They are sold at a fair price, good quality and always guaranteed. I work with animals and recommend this Boomerang Tags to everyone. Great selection of sizes, shapes and colors too!

Kimberly L, Missouri

I placed an order through your website last week and was very pleased to have it arrive a few days later. I was very impressed with the quality of the tags. My cat was not happy with the hanging tag we tried to make her wear so I ordered one of your CollarTags to replace it; she has nary a complaint with this tag, no more hanging, tinkling tags! She is happy, so we are happy. Thank you so much!

Laurie W., Texas

I love your CollarTags. We purchase two for our very active dogs some time ago and both are still in perfect condition which I find to be remarkable.

Deborah W., Minnesota

I just wanted to say thank you for the most wonderful dog tag I have ever seen. The tags are of the utmost quality, very heavy duty (not the cheap stuff you get out of those vending machines). I will recommend your tags to everyone I know who has a pet. Thank you for protecting my babies.

Deborah H, Maryland

Thanks for such a fine looking tag. I got the CollarTag for my cat and I just love it. It looks very rich on my cat's harness. I will recommend these tags to everyone.

Joyce S., Wyoming

These are easily the best tags you can get. Thank you for your great prices and speedy service. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Allie W., Ohio

The web site is a masterpiece of clarity, the tags are superb, and the delivery speed amazing. I always receive my tags in no more than a week - and, that's through APO mail (military). I wouldn't buy anywhere else. All my pets wear Boomerang Tags and always will.

Katheryn B., Athens, Greece

I received my two id tags two days ago --- THANKS!! They are awesome! by far the best tags I have ever ordered on line.

Lisa S., Texas

We love your plastic tags!! They are durable and the writing does not fade with time and they always look nice even years later. We love the option to have text on both sides... Thanks for offering these great tags! We will never buy tags from anyone else.

Gwynn S., Wisconsin

I was searching the internet for a pet id tag for my dog and found your website. I'm so glad I did because I'm very satisfied with your product. I will certainly tell others about your website. Thank you for the speedy delivery.

Stacy H, Kansas

Great looking quality tag, very fast service adn I'll recommend you to all my friends.

Joh E., Pennsylvania

This is the third tag that I have ordered from you, all for different dogs. They are such a handsome tag and so well made. I recommend Boomerang to all my friends that need a pet tag!

Mary S., California

I just got some dog ID Tags from you and wanted to drop you a note saying these are the nicest tags I have ever seen. Just ordered another one for my friend. Keep on making these great pet id tags.

Sandi S., Pennsylvania

I love your tags, they are great quality and I can get all the information I really want on them. Ever since I found them I have not bought anything else. I have recommended them to many people.

Anne S., Virginia

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your products and services. The quality and readability is excellent, and I am a very satisfied customer who reommends your company to any pet owner I meet.

Maureen P., Maine

I'm always impressed by the lightning fast shipping and the extrodinary quality of your plastic tags. I highly recommend your tags to friends with pets. A better quality tag you won't find anywhere else! Thank you for being a top notch company!

Ann W, South Carolina

I Love my tag! What a great price, and quick arrival too! I am recommending you to all my friends.

Richard, New Jersey

WOW what service! I placed my order on a Thursday afternoon, and I have my dog's tag in today's mail, the following Monday, one coast to the other. I am also well please with the tag that I received. EXCELLENT SERVICE!! I am a very HAPPY CUSTOMER! Note: We have to give major Kudos to the postal system, their service these days is, in general, excellent.

Norma G, Virginia

I received the 3 dog tags I ordered early last week. I am very impressed with the quality. I had previously ordered from one of your competitors and their tags had completely worn out in just 3 1/2 months!! There is no comparison between that product and yours. Unfortunately, as a consumer, I can't tell the quality of the different products from the on-line advertising. It's really hit or miss. A Reply from Boomerang Tags: Yes it is Doug, that is why we list all these nice comments from our customers, and have our guarantee; to help take the chance and quesswork out of knowing who makes a truly quality pet id tag and stands behind their work.

Doug F, Connecticut

We are delighted with the quality! The tags are much thicker than we expected and the engraving is deep and clear. VERY impressed! I'm spreading the word about your great Boomerang ID Tags!

Samantha T, West Virginia

I just received the mini CollarTag for my cat. I am very pleased with it. You mailed it quickly and the quality is better than I expected, you have a great product.

Nina K, Oregon

My dog is proud of his shiny new tag. His owner (me) is happy with the quality and the price.

Ralph H, Nevada

I wish every company was as reliable as you are! If only every company would produce a perfect product! If only every company could have the completed product in the hands of their customers in record time!! Thank you for a brilliant job! I will gladly recommend "BoomerangTags" to all my animal loving friends.

Kristine W., Virginia

I just received my CollarTags and collars from you. They are incredible, SUPER-high quality, as promised.

Julia Z, Washington

I received my tags in less than a week after I ordered them. They are absolutely beautiful. I am very pleased with the quality and am sure they will hold up very well... If my dogs ever get lost I feel confident their new Boomerang Tags will help get them back to me.

Hilary M, Missouri

I love my tags! Just received the CollarTags installed on the adjustable collars for my two cats and they are awesome!

Stephanie M, USA

I received my ID Tags yesterday and they are perfect! The reasonable prices, fast and free shipping, quality customer service, and quality of the tags are much apprecaited. I can not rave enough about your product.


This is my second time ordering your tags, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your tags and website. You describe everything clearly and accurately. The ordering proces is one of the best I have seen (and I order a lot over the net). Thank you for remaining one of the trusted shopping sources I know I can rely on.

Kathi L, Texas

I received my tag order and I would like you to know I could not be more pleased. The tag arrived quickly and was exactly what I had asked for and just as important, exactly what I was expecting. Your web site was wonderful at explaining and showing samples. The tag looks wonderful, it is of good qaulity. It attached to her collar perfectly (Diane ordered an adjustable CollarTag) adn my puppy didn't even know I had put it on her, she generally fights with everything I try to put on her but she doesn't even notice this tag. It is easy to read and I believe one of the best things I have ever purchased for her. I am very impressed with your service and will refer anyone I can to you for their pet tags. THANK YOU!

Diane W., Missouri

I have been ordering your tags since the 80's. Last time I ordered I could not find you and ordered from another company... I knew your tags were good but didn't realize how good until I got tags from someone else... I still have my tags from the 80's and they are in excellent shape, and my dogs swim in the lake and the salt water. I'm so glad I found you again...just wanted you to know I appreciate the quality. Thanks!

Julie M, Florida

Thank you Boomerang Tags for your fantastic tags and great service. My dogs have had your tags since they were puppies and they are the best tags ever. You provide a fantastic product with awesome service. I have ordered from you 3 or 4 time and will order from you again in the future... Keep up the good work.

Anna D, Bermuda

Excellent Quality and Service.

Charlotte D., Florida

I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of the tags I ordered. The order was placed on Saturday Evening and I received the tags on Wednesday, Wow!!! They are great quality tags too! I will definately order from you again. Thanks!!!

Note from BoomerangTags: This is awesome service by our postal system too, First Class Mail these days is, in general, excellent.

Jeannine K, Florida

I am quite pleased with the appearance and quality of the tags and the engraving, VERY visile, clear and easy to read. I am also happy with the speed in which they arrived. I have ordered several different tags from other companies and these tags I received from you far surpass any of them. Thank you for providing such a high quality product at such a resonable price!

Rena, Iowa

I'm very impressed with the quality of the tag I just received from you! Excellent job. I'll be recommending you to my vet and my friends.

Keith, New Hampshire

The best, just simply the best. I've ordered from you before, and just received my most recent order, including stainless steel tags and collars with tags. My black lab swims in the Atlantic and the tag has never come off, nor is there any sign of rust. Your prices are great and your service is spectacular!

Maria M, New York

I love the quality of your tags and the fact you don't charge tax or shipping! I feel so much better letting my cat go outside wearing one of your tags. Thank you for a great product and excellent service! I can't believe how fast the tags arrive!!! Keep up the great work!!

Susan H, Virginia

I just received my pet's new CollarTag today. I have to say, I will never order a regular tag again! The first time I ordered one of your regular stainless tags, I have to say, as nice as they are, the CollarTag are Fabulous. Your tags are the best quality I have ever seen and the price cannot be beat. I received my order promptly. You are one of the best internet companies I have ever done business with!! Thanks again!

Mary V., New York

I just wanted to let you know how much I really LOVE your tags! I ordered the CollarTags for my two dogs and everyone that sees them asks where I got them. Now most of them have them too! I just ordered a plastic tag for a different collar and it looks great. Your quality is excellent, the price is right, and the service is fast! Keep up the good work!

Heather T, Wisconsin
Plastic Tags and CollarTags

I just wanted to express my thanks for a quality product, at a great price, sent in a timely manner. What a nice surprise! I will be a repeat customer and recommend your service to other pet lovers.

Janet M., Alabama

I just ordered what is probably my 5th or 6th tag from Boomerang Tags - they are wonderful! I love the selection of sizes and colors and the fact you can have text on both sides of the tags. And you really do deliver within just a few days.

Wendy G, California

Your tags look so adorable on my pets! I was so pleased with them that I ordered two more for my other two dogs. I think this is an excellent place to get tags that are of GREAT quality. I wish I knew about this site sooner so I wouldn't have wasted my money on cheap vending machine tags.

Amy, Florida

WE LOVE YOUR TAGS, especially the CollarTags, we now have one on each of our cat's collars. We are especially impressed with your VERY FAST turn around time and reasonable prices with no shipping charge.

Dawn P, Michigan

By and far the best tags I have seen. I saw one on another dog and had to order them for my dogs... your tags are amazing, the price is perfect, and no shipping or sales tax will keep me coming back to you time and time again. I will tell everyone I know! Thank you!

Anne Marie G, California

I received my Boomerang Tags today and was so surprised at the quality... Your tags are the best and I couldn't be happier with them...Thank you for such wonderful tags.

Melinda S., Arizona

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job done on the recent tags I purchased. You did an awesome job, I have purchased tags from vending machines before and they were "doobie" compared to these beautiful tags I just got in the mail from you.... and it they LESS THAN 2 DAYS to get here! GREAT SERVICE. I will DEFINATELY recommend you to others. Once again, great job, and AWESOME service.

Roseanna H., California

Received my tag and ordered another one for my other pet immediately. Outstanding quality and a small price... I want to put a link on my site to your site so everyone can check out your great work.

Rose, California

Your CollarTag is outstanding. This tag far outstripped my expectations for construction quality. Everyone who sees it has commented on it's legibility and sturdy attractiveness. I can't believe that I paid the same amount for a tag I got out of a vending machine... My praise could go on...I assure you that I won't be shy in telling anyone who sees Jasper's tag where they can get one.

Christina T, California

Received my pet's tag to day and it's perfect. The CollarTag is the best one I have ever seen... Your website, attitude and service are the best! Bless you all and wishing you lots of good business.

Lindsey C., California

I just received my tag and I'm thrilled. My experience with in ordering from your company was: convenient, quick and reasonably priced. What more could one ask for?!

Carol, Missouri

I have to say, this is the 3rd or 4th time I have ordered tags from you for my dogs and foster dogs. These tags are AWESOME! I will go no where else to order pet tags and I will tell all the rescues about you guys. Thanks for offering such a GREAT product.

Sheila W., Michigan

I could not be happier with the collars and CollarTags I received.

Sue, Connecticut

I just wanted you to know that I am very please with the service I received with my recent purchase. The quality is as advertised, excellent, and I received my order in only 3 days. Thank you.

Robert J., Ohio

I will not buy tags from anyone but you, you people do an exemplary job. I always receive my tags in 2 or 3 days and they have held up beautifully. Thanks for a job well done. I'll be back.

Sue W., California

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the stainless steel CollarTags I ordered for my cattle dogs. Your service and product quality exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Bill M., Michigan

As usual the tags were outstanding! I have ordered at least 7 tags from you and been happy with everyone.

Will K., Alaska

Thanks so much for the excellent product. Very pleased with the collar and CollarTag combination we purchased. You offer a quality product. Ordering was hassel free and mailing was quick. Thanks for an easy transaction!

Erika T., Michigan

I received my dog's tag today, you work fast!!!! We are very pleased with the product. Looks good!!!!

Haydee, Puerto Rico

By far the best pet id tag I have ever seen.

Mike F., Missouri

Thank you so much for the high quality products that you offer. A part of my business is installing pet containment systems. I use your product to compliment and "thank" my customers for their business. I cannot express enough how far that goes for me, the compliments on your tags are endless. I truly believe that your products are worth more than what you charge. You can, without doubt, rely on my continued business. Thanks again.

Ron Breinich, Hollidaysburg, Pa
Auss Irrigation Services

We just received our order for two collars with CollarTags. I am so impressed! The tags look great, as do the collars. Our puppies will surely war these with pride! Thanks for a great item!

Lisa, Webster Grove, Mo

We recently order a collar with CollarTag for our dogs. I must say that your service and products are exceptional. The tags that go directly on the collars are quiet, durable and stylish! You definietely have a repeat customer here and I will tell all my friends that are pet owners about you.

Jodie, Tennessee

We just received the tag for our dog. It's Great! It's the most solid tag we've ever seen and fit exactly as stated. Also thanks for the quick turnaround of our order. We will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Terry & Jusitine, Texas

In you I have discovered the absolute BEST site to order pet ID Tags from.

Carole, Tennessee

It is so rare to find a company that actually lives up to its accolades. Well done! I received my tags in the mail today, just a couple of days after I ordered them. They are by far the nicest, highest quality tags I have ever gotten for my pets. I have no doubt they will hold up for years to come. Thank you for the wonderful peace of mind and quality service. I will recommend you to all my fellow pet owners.

David S, Kansas City , MO

This is my 2nd Boomerang Tag and I LOVE THEM! Thanks for a great product at a resonable price.

Gail L, Boxford

We have moved frequently the last five years (four times!) and have ordered tags from Boomerang each time. This time we splurged on our "girls" and ordered the CollarTag & Collar Combo. WOW, these collars are awesome and the stainless tag that slides on the collar looks so sharp! We are turly impressed with the quality of your product, especially for the price. Thank you!

JoAnna, New Jersey

...wanted to thank you so much for the excellent service and for the fastest service we have ever had!! My husband ordered two tags recently and we received them the NEXT DAY!! (Note: they are in our state) The tags are GREAT too!! Thanks so much, we will definitely be repeat customers and recommend you to everyone !!

Steve and Sandy, California

Thanks for the exceptional turnaround time on the dog tags. Nice big print too, exactly as I wanted it. Am sedning your weblink to everyone.


The tag is beautiful !!!! Obviously built to last! Teddy will be the envy of all his FURENDS !!!

Beth, Ohio

No issue with my order. I just wanted to tell you that I was very pleased with my original order a while ago and there was no question from whom I would place this order. Your tags are so substantial and deeply engraved ---much better than any I've purchased before.

Nancy K, Pennsylvania

I did research to buy Pet ID Tags, I was told to try Boomerang Tags. I was impressed with your website but couldn't believe that the tags would be as good as you seemed to insist they were. I was so wrong! They look great, they're durable, and even with the kids' incredily rambunctious play-fighting the tags remain solid and legible. We're moving and I need new tags, I don't have any doubt at all, Boomerang Tags. I'm just happy I have an excuse to place another order with you. Your products are the best, and your service is even better. Thank you for your dedication to quality

David G, Massachusetts

I have ordered pet ID Tags for our pets and out kids' pets for a few years now and I have always been pleased. Thank you for being so conscientious.

Barb K, Newburgh, In

I just wanted you to know that I have ordered from you several times and think your company is great. It's always quick, the quality is good and the site is easy to use. Thanks

Susan, Alameda, Ca

We received our tags today and they are WONDERFUL, as described. My husband and I, as dog and animal lovers, will recommend you to everyone we know! You deliver what you promise. Such a great product and your advice is also great.

Bill and Mary S, Taos, NM

We ordered a combination tag and collar from your company which arrived yesterday. It was a surprise for my husband and he was thrilled with it. The collar is terrific - great collar, sturdy and well made; and the tag is strong, clear lettering and looks great with all the info on it that we needed.

Kim, Australia

Received my tag promptly and correctly. Very high-quality product. I will certainly recommend you. Thanks

Steve B, Simsbury, Ct

I just received my second order of tags from your company. I love the quality, the gurantee and the speediness of service! Thanks!

Patricia W, Sacramento, Ca

Outstanding quality and durability. I have ordered 7 tags for various pets so far (some as gifts) and recommend your comapny to everyone I know with a pet... Keep up the great work and high quality standards and your tags will continue to be worth the investment.

Steve W, Arizona

I was having a problem keeping tags because my Chihuahua's chews them up, so far there isn't even a dent in any of my Boomerang Tags.

Norma F, Canada

I just wanted to say your company is awesome to deal with... I can't believe it. free shipping, no tax, guarantee...what more could a person want? I LOVE your website. I ordered my best friend two tags for his Jack Russell and they arrived in like 2 days. They were SO nicely done, stainless steel, and I could not have been more pleased... I doubt I will EVER order from any other company. You people are totally on top of it... wish all companies were like this. You are the best!!! Thank you so much.

WOW! Thank you Carole

Carole, East Ridge, Tn

This is the second set of CollarTags I have ordered -- only because we moved... These are the best tags! Our 3 Labradors have previously lost all of their hanging tags, but the CollarTags are on until they are pried off! The fact they do not hang down makes me feel safer about the dogs no getting their collars hooked on anything. Thank you for a fantastic product.

Karin R, Flagstaff, Az

My Dogs' CollarTag arrived today, and I am most pleased with your craftsmanship. The stainless steel slide-on design is beautiful and the engraving is impeccable. I consider your CollarTags to be the "high fashion" as tags go, and it only adds to the satisfaction that they're functional. I'd recommend them to my family and friends in a heartbeat.

Ailian L., Lafayette, La

This is the third adjustable CollarTag I have ordered from you (due to moves) and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the prompt delivery and great quality. The tags look great! Thanks!

Karen G, Austin, Tx

I just received my tag yesterday, it is AMAZING! I never thought the quality of a dog tag could be so incredible. I am referring you to ALL my pet owning friends.

Ruth C, Palo Alto, Ca

Wonderful Tag! Super Fast Shipping! I was very pleased! Will order from you again.

Terry M, Hardin, KY

Received my CollarTag combo today, gorgeous! The collar is strong and obviously of high quality and the tag itself is perfect. It's hard to believe what I received for such and inexpensive price...lifelong customer.

Brian B, Sacramento, Ca

I just received my cat's CollarTag, ordered only 3 days ago. Couldn't be easier. The price is extremely reasonable, the quality is excellent and with free shipping, it's the best deal around. My kitty is now safe. Thank you for a great product and great service.

Annie L, Raleigh, NC

I am so glad I purchased from Boomerang. My tags came in quickly and were packed nicely. The lettering on the tags is neat and readable and there were no mistakes. I feel confident the tags will not break or fall off and that the letting will not wear off. I will definately reccomend you to my friends and will most assuredly be ordering my tags from Boomerang in the future. God Bless!!

Angela B, Cosmopolis, WA

I ordered two CollarTags, a hanging tag as well as adjustable collars for both my cats. The engraving quality is excellent and the collars are of exceptional quality, not to mention my cats like them. It was the cutest thing, they sat and watched me as I put the tags on the collars and they just let me put the collars on them. I think they knew they were getting something new and it was for them.

Dianna P, Danville, NH

I received my CollarTags today. Thanks so much!! They are much nicer than I expected, and arrive very quickly. Now my worries about lost tags are over!!

Jean P, Wynantskill

I ordered two of your plastic tags two years ago. I am owned by two large dogs with extreme chewing capabilites and I would like to let you know those two tags are in perfect condition...Your tags are of exquisit quality and the price is unbeatable! Thank you so much for making a realy great product.

Dena A, Sparta, NJ

These are excellant tags that wear very well. Also this is the third time we have ordered due to address changes. Each time you have provided us with excellant service. Thank you.

Claudia B, Albuquerque, NM

We recently bought two dog tags (one with a collar). I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the quality and cost of these items. The tags are very clear and easy to read, comfortable for the dogs, and will definitely last a very long time. Your web site was also very informative and helped me to choose the right tags and collar. I will definitley recommend Boomerang Tags to all the pet owners we know.

Karen W

I just wanted to let you know, we received our 2 tags from you yesterday and they look GREAT!!! I was very impressed with the all around quality fo the tags. Shipment was fast, as promised... thank you.

Tom P, McCordsville, IN

I just received the tags I ordered, they are out of this world! The quality and craftsmanship are just outstanding, and they ARE the best Pet ID Tags I've ever seen, especially the tag for the adjustable collar. Note: Our CollarTags are the best pet id method available, at least check out this page on the site; we have them for almost all types and widths of pet collar too.

Elvine T, Randolph, NJ

Holy guacamole, that was fast! We're thrilled with the adjustable CollarTag. The engraving is high quality, and the stainless steel feels very substantial. I wish all e-commerce was this painless. We'll be recommending you to all our friends with pets.

Kelly R, San Francisco, CA

I received my order and am more than satisfied with the tag. You certainly DO deliver what you promise. I will remain a customer.


I just wanted to thank you for the great CollarTags purchased, based upon your suggestion to do so on your website. They are truly great looking tags and collars and are definitely the only tags my dogs cannot chew off!!

Stacey S, Brooklyn NY

I just got my CollarTag, it is GOREGEOURS! Love it! It was less expensive and better looking than anything they had on display in my vet's reception room. And it arrived so fast! I am so pleased and you better believe I will tell everyone about these tags! Thank you so much!

Kathy F, Huntsville, AR

I was thrilled to receive my CollarTag so quickly. Not only are they functional, but they look great too. Regular tags seem to dwarf my two young kittens, so I was looking for a safe and practical alternative when I came across your website. I highly recommend CollarTags.

S. Newman, Portland, OR

We have ordered a total of six tags from you. Three of the CollarTags (which are amazing!) for each of our boys... We just ordered three plastic tags... your tags are great! Even our vet was greatly impressed with your CollarTags. Thanks for awesome quality and great pricing, mailing and service. All around the best!

Lee & Jon R, Monroe, NC

I think your collars, tags and service are the absolute best! I've placed quite a few orders with you, and they are always delivered very quickly. Never will I purchase a tag anywhere else. The several different tags (for various dog collars) have help up without a scratch... even with my two rowdy Labradors. The small pet collars and tags are the only ones my 2 cats haven't lost. That's why I ordered another CollarTag combo today for my new cat. I recommend your products to everyone!

Cynthia L, Foley, AL

I would not hesitate to order again and also recommend your tags to my friends and family!

Karen T, Aiea, HI

I love these tags.

Lyle J.

I got my tags yesterday, they are wonderful! Thanks for such a quality product. I'll tell all my dog loving friends.

Edgar C, Sunnyvale, CA

My husband and I are ecstatic about the brass bone tag and the adjustable CollarTag we purchased from you for our pet! They are GREAT! Your site is also GREAT with everything a person needs to know and see right at hand. Our dog is outgrowing his collar so we'll be ordering again soon.

Yolanda G, Bosque Farms

I have gotten numerous compliments on my dog's CollarTag. Your product is heavy trainer even ask me where he could get them for his dogs... All four of our pets have your tags. I recommend them to anyone! Thank you and it's been great doing business with your company.

Margie N, Covington, KY

I love your tags. They are the hardiest and best made tags you can buy! The colors of the plastic tags are stunning and bright, and the plastic is super thick! I love them and will continue to buy only from Boomerang.

Abigail S, Racine, WI

I had a very pleasant experience shopping with your company on line. The tags and collar I ordered were EXACTLY how they were described. The quality was superb. The price was fair. The delivery was prompt (in fact, earlier than I expected!). Your communication was precise and timely. Your customer service was excellent and friendly. And most important -- your web site is terrific. I'll be back!

John H, Lake in the Hills, IL

The tags are wonderful and like NO OTHER! I am sold, I am a permanent customer!

Maya S, Elmwood Park, NJ

I have, in the past, purchased tags from other companies but none have compared to the quality and workmanship of the tag I received from you today!! I got a collar and tag combo, when I opened the package at work my friends asked me about your website. I "exaggereated" and told them it has cost me almost triple what it really had, they were still interested. When I told them the real price they were amazed. I truly appreciate the quality and workmanship applied in making my pet's tag and will definitely order other tags from you.

Jessica M, Los Angeles, Ca

We're on our 3rd set (plastic all three times) of your pet tags...we moved twice and also bought a set with their AKC Chip ID Numbers. We love your product and wanted to thank you for putting out a quality product at a very reasonable price.

Robert and Katie D, Ewa Beach, HI

Thank you for a great looking tag at a great price!!! So simple to order and come so quick!!

Joseph C, Jacksonville, FL

Received my Boomerang Pet Tag today. Thank you so much for your quick and professional service. The tag is high quality as you stated. I am very happy with your service and do believe larger companies could learn from your professionalism. I will pass Boomerang on to all my friends. Thank you once again.

Maria L, Athol

I just received my cat's tag. I am very impressed with the quality, communication, and the very fast delivery. I will tell others about your web site. Thanks!

Pat L, New Freedom, PA

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your pet tags. I highly recommend your mini tags to anyone with a small dog or pet. The tag is the perfect size and I was amazed at how clear the engraving was. I was also very pleased with how quickly I received my tag! This is a very nice quality pet tag!!

Mary V, Vestal, NY

I just wanted to THANK YOU all for making great, sturdy and easy to read dog tags. Our Husky ran away and I was convinced she was gone forever. Well, she almost was...and then we got a phone call around midnight FOUR WEEKS later! She was found 250 miles from our home, but, she still had her Boomerang Tag on! She was returned to us because of your legible and strong tags. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sarah H, Houston, TX

I would like to express to you how pleased I am with the tag I ordered from you for my dog. It arrived today and I can truly say that out of all the various tags she has had... this one is the best one ever. She is hyperactive and all the other tags she has had she has destroyed. I highly recommend your service and will definitely buy from you again. You cannot beat the price for an absolutely well made product. Note: Pat bought a CollarTag (they go directly onto the collar without hooks, rings or rivets), check these out, they are the best pet id method available on the planet.

Pat S, Lakeland, FL

Pepper's tag is wonderful! Everything I hoped for and more.

Renee Humes, Pittsburgh, PA

Daffy and Digger just got their tags in the mail (stainless small bones engraved on both sides) and they love them! We can't get over the small size yet the absolutely wonderful's so legible! Thanks for the speedy delivery! We'll recommend you anytime!

Darin & Amy

This is the way e-commerce should work. The site is simple to use, the product is excellent and no shipping a GREAT bonus. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Sharon F, Canyon, TX

I just wanted to write and tell you how great your dog tags are. They rock! They are the only tags I will buy.

Cate M

Boomerang Tags are by far the best quality tags I have seen, and at a great price. I will proudly recommend your site to friends and family, assuring them that they will receive a wonderful product.

Danielle S, Brooklyn, NY

I have always had the best results when ordering from you. I will use no other company. Thank you!!!

Laura T, Houston, TX our order, as promised. AND, we are VERY pleased with the quality of our tags. Nice to deal with someone who actually "lives up" to website claims and promises.

Jack & Emily W, Lake Havasu City

I've got to say, I am impressed. These tags are phenominal! I love them. You offer such a low price, free delivery...I would be please to reccomend you to anyone. If a pet owner wants to get the best for their money they should seek you out. Again, thank you so much.

Owen J, Seattle, WA my order on Jan. 5th, which I thought was very fast. ...I have never seen a collar as nice as this one. It was easy to adjust and put on... The Tag is also impressive... I wasn't really sure what to expect when I ordered because the price was very reasonable. You've definately lived up to your gurantee!

Carmen M

Just wanted you to know I received my tags and I am very pleased. They are exactly as ordered and are very high quality. Thank you for a job well done!

Mark B, Polo, MO

I am completely happy with the quality of your tags, as well as your service. My order arrived very quickly and the tags were exactly what I expected. Thank you very much!

Traci S, Atlanta, GA

I just got my tag today and it is better than I expected. Your prices are a steal for the great quality of your product, and your serivce is fast... Thanks for providing such a great product at such reasonable prices!

Jennifer R, Sacramento, CA

Just a quick note to let you know I received my pet's CollarTags. I just LOVE them! Never thought there'd be such a diffrence in tag quality. I'll be telling everyone about your site.

Laurie W, Loma, CO

Just wanted to let you know I got one of your CollarTags for my Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and while I was waiting for your tag to arrive I put a temporary "hang tag" on her collar. When your CollarTag arrived I left both tags on, since the hanging tag had a reflective strip. We visited a friends ranch. "Thule" got to run around and play with all sorts of dogs and other animals; very active and rough play. At the end of the day your CollarTag was the only tag left on her collar. Thanks for making such a great tag!

Juliet P, Denver, CO

Wow. I'm speechless. With the long, lost art of superior customer service not even an expectaion in my mind anymore (because poor service seems to be the norm nowadays) Boomerang Tags has renewed my faith! Many kudos for going waaaay beyond what was required. ... I have to say another "Wow" to how quickly my order was mailed out. Awesome... Many, many thanks. I'll definately be using Boomerang Tags for all my pet tag needs AND spreading the good word to all my pet-owning friends!

Jenn B, Portland, OR

My puppy grew out of his first collar and I ordered a new one, these tags are wonderful and extremely well priced for the quality. I could not have been happier with the qulaity, price and quick delivery. i woudl recommend these tasg to evreyone. With the CollarTags you don't have to worry about the tags catching on anything, while, at the same time, feeling secure knowing he is properly identified. These are WONDERFUL! Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to pet owners.

NOTE: Since making CollarTags I have had many people write me about the problems they have had with traditional hanging tags getting caught between the boards of decks, in the chain link fence, and down the heater grill the pet loved to sleep on, but won't go near any more... Visit our CollarTag page:

Check out our CollarTags, the best pet id method.

Jennifer S, Madison, IN

What you say about your tags is true, and I am so glad I purchased my tags from you. Our dog got lost from us for five days while we were on vacation in Georgia and the day after we got home we got a call he had been found: Thanks to your great tags!!!

Kathi P, Marathon

Divine providence must have made me order these collar and tags from you when I did. I just got them in the mail yesterday and one of my dogs took off out the yard because the gate was accidently left open. We looked for her for hours and we were in tears. At 12:30 a.m. we got a call that our beloved pet was found. Thank you for your CollarTags and collars, they answered our prayers tonight. God bless and Merry Christmas.

Dorothy L, Rocky Point

I just received my puppy's tag, and I'm very please with it. It looks like it will last forever. The printing is very clear.

Sherry M, Indianapolis

Thank you so much for the great pet tags! I couldn't stand listening to the jingling tags, and love the CollarTags. I have a black lab who loves to run and swim. The Ocean Water hasn't damaged her stainless tag at all. You can read it as clear as the first day I put it on her collar.

Maria M, Wantagh

I love these tags! (she bought CollarTags) I could not stand the jingle of the hanging tags any longer and soon after purchasing the engraved letters would wear down. This one fit right on the collar, no jingling and I expect it will stay legible. Thank you - what a great find, great price and great service. I've recommended you to all my friends.

Joan S, Erdenheim, PA

I have ordered tags recently and I have to tell you that I am highly pleased and satisfied with your product. I am so please with your tags that you can look forward to my business throughout the future. I do get a lot of "Hey that's a nice tag where did you get it?" and certainly I don't hesitate to give them your website address so they too can place an order. Thanks so much for exceeding my expectations.

Ronnie B

Thank you so much for my Pet's Tag! I could not believe how fast it arrived. It is perfect and well made. It would have cost the same to have it done locally but the quality would not have been nearly as good. Thanks again for making my pet safe.

Diane W, Jonesville, TX

Excellent quality product, with prompt shipping! I will gladly recommend Boomerang Tags from now on, and will definately order again in the future. Also, these tags make great Christmas gifts!

James T, New Castle, IN

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service and the pet tags! I ordered my tag on Thursday, Thanksgiving, and it was in my mailbox on Monday!! This was the second tag I purchased from you and I am very please both times! I will continue to only buy your tags and tell friends and family to do the same!! Thanks from a very picky dog mom!

Misty, Chandler, Az

I received my dog's CollarTag today, and it is by far the best ID tag I could have gotten her! It looks stunning on her black nylon collar with clear rhinestones. The lettering is large and easily readable. Very Happy with the purchase, Thank You.

Barbara, Long Branch, NJ

I just opened my order I placed on Monday (it's Friday,(the day after Thanksgiving) great shipping from CA to IL) and I'm getting ready to place another order. I'm very impressed with the quality of the CollarTags you make... Since your tags are so affordable we're going to order a tag with his rabies information, when it's time for another shot we'll order another tag with his new information. I'm already digging the nice quiet that's in the house because his tags are not dangling and driving us crazy.

Jeremy H, Cary, IL

I ordered my tag on Tuesday Morning and got it today, the day after Thanksgiving. The quality really is the best I've ever seen, the letters are so readable. I'm going to show the tag to everyone I meet who has a dog so they know where to get their tags from in the future.

Irene C, Reno, NV

I received my CollarTags and collar today (very prompt delivery by the way) and they are everything you promised. I've never seen such quality well made tags before and I am very happy with them. I will definately refer people I know to you and will order from you again when I need tags.

Elisa B, Bend, OR

We ordered two of your CollarTags and LOVE them. They are so much nicer than the last tags we ordered from another company (the writing wore off within months!). Highly recommend your site and tags!!

Laurie W, South Jordan, PA

I will be telling everyone I know about your tags. Ordering was so easy and the shipping was super fast. My dog's tag is just great, very beautifully made. I feel proud to be able to have my dog wear your tags. Great work!!!!!!! Keep it up.

Tonya G, Sand Springs, OK

I was a little worried about ordering a plastic tag for my dog...but I read over your web site and took your word about loving the plastic once I saw it. And I do! It is the nicest plastic tag I have ever seen. I can read her information form across the room... I just ordered my second tag to prepare for our move and I also got one for my Grandmother's new puppy. Keep up the great / quality work. I love these tags!

Margaret P, Columbus, OH

Just wanted to let you know I am impressed by the informative website, the quickness of your service and delivery and the care obviously taken in making my dog's tag. I will definately recommend your site.

Kath W, Woodbury, MN

Excellent! Excellent!! Excellent!!! Your tags are THE BEST!!!!

Sharon S, Waterbury, CT

I have 5 dogs and 2 cats, and think your tags are absolutely EXCELLENT. I would never go anywhere else for my tags. You guys are great. Thanks for the wonderful service you provide.

Suzanne L, Little Rock, AR

I viewed your web site and was amazed by your selection and prices, and helpful advise. I chose the CollarTag and collar combo, I'm so glad I did. My order arrived in two days and the quality of the tag was unsurpassed not to mention the collar. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that delivers. Will be spreading the word. Thank You!

Mrs Robet T, Slate Hill, NY

They are Beautiful, great tags! You sell a quality product for a resonable price and with fast shipping. You have my vote, and when people ask I'll tell them to go to you for their dog tags.

Travis S, Philadelphia, PA

Just received my tag and I must say it is the best I have ever bought. We have purcahsed others that were stamped on cheap aluminum that wore out quickly. This CollarTag out of stainless steel along with the beautiful engraving is class.

Kevin O, Springfield, MA

I received my cat's Adjustable CollarTag and I love it! It lookes great, doesn't bother her like the dangling tags do, and it isn't going anywhere and she is an active cat." <= a reference to the fact it obviously will not fall off; this is a new style of CollarTag that goes on adjustable collars with plastic snaps, these are great for tiny dogs and cats. We have them for all width adjustable collars.

Michelle K, St Paul, MN

This is my third order from Boomerang and I love your company. It's refreshing to find quality workmanship at a fair price over the internet, or anywhere for that matter. I really like the CollarTags, no dangling in the food or water and not rattling. I often get positive comments from fellow dog owners on them.

Todd T, Linwood, NJ

I received my tags today - barely three days after ordering from you site! The two tags I received were perfect and are of the highest quality, both the material and the engraving. I am very impressed, and I really appreciate you service - thank you very much !!

Constance H, Knoxville, TN

I'm convinced that CollarTags are the best tags for pets. My cat has had one for nine years and it is still in good condition... I just received the new stainless steel tags I ordered from you and I think they are terrific! They look like they will last FOREVER! The metal is thick and strong, the text is very clear and easy to read... I'd like to say that I will keep ordering from you, but, after seeing the tags, it seems that won't be necessary unless I get additional pets. Thanks for making a great product. I'll help spread the word.

Elizabeth H

I just wanted to thank you for the great service and quick delivery of the tags I ordered. I placed the order on Saturday Evening and received the tags on Wednesday. Wow!!! The tags are great quality too! I will definately order again. Thanks!!! (We have to give a lot of credit to the U.S. Postal System for our fast delivery, they do a great job.)

Jeannine K, Satellite Bch, Fl

I have ordered your tags a number of times and everytime I am impressed. I love your tags!!! The plastic ones are just fabulous!! I tell everyone about your tags, hoping they will get one of your quality tags instead of one of the crappy ones out of the vending machines.

Amanda V, Green Bay, Wi

Just ordered the stainless adjustable CollarTag, my third one. Excellent quality, fast service, deep engraving. The finest tags I have ever seen. They look like they'll last forever! (Actually they might, these are made of non-magnetic stainless and even leaving them in salt water for a century wouldn't corode them.)

John B, Marietta, GA

The CollarTag and collar came today and I am so's great. Thank you from both of us. (bought the adjustable combo)

Karen A., Boise, ID

I got Sydney's CollarTag today and it is beautiful! It fits perfectly and is extremely well-made. - I shall certainly spread the word. Thank you so much for the excellent service and human-touch that is missing so much from business today.

Kath, Woodbury, MN

I just received my plastic Boomerang Tags. I have purchased several other tags from different companies and these are undoubtedly the nicest I have seen. They are so attractive in color and shape, sturdy and the lettering is quite sharp. I was also able to have a message on the back side...I'm so pleased I just ordered CollarTags.

Kathy H, Gulfport, MS

I really love the tag I got from Boomerang. I ordered a tag from another website just days before and I was so disappointed. I was going to try one last time to order through the internet, so I tried BoomerangTags. When I received the tag I was relieved and extremely happy at how great it looks. (Friends, don't waste you time, order from us, if you don't like your purchase I'll refund your money.)

Marcia, Los Angeles, CA

Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding the tags we ordered from you. They are great!! Really "stout" tags and the engraving is so easily read. I am glad I found you!! Thanks so much.

Michele W, Newcastle, CA

I received my CollarTags. I want you to know that I am very pleased with the product. It is everything you claim. The best on the market. (Terry bought adjustable CollarTags these will not fall off)

Terry E, Lyford, TX

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the tag I bought from you many months ago. I cannot believe how well the Boomerang Tag I bought looks. All her other tags, license, rabies, etc. are completely unreadable and bent up. I'm so happy with Boomerang Tags. If I ever need to purchase any more tags I will definately buy from you, and recomend you to all of my friends. Thanks so much for the quality products and the inexpensive prices!

Tara U, Elizabethtown

I received my pet's id tag promptly, it is without doubt as good as it gets. Thanks

William E., Pittsfield, IL

I am so please with your dog tags!!! Not only was my tag exactly as I wanted it, it was shipped for free and very fast... Thank you for offering a quality product for a more than decent price!

Brooke V., Valencia, CA

I just received the two ID Tags for my dogs. It surprised me that you could get all the information on them that I requested. They look great! I will recommend your website to my friends.

Lynn T., Lake Orion

I just received the tags I ordered today... they are out of this world! The quality and the craftsmanship is outstanding, they ARE the best ID Tags I've ever seen, especially the tag for the adjustable collar. NOTE: I assure all of you that Adjustable CollarTags will not fall off, many people seem to be suspicious of this as a potential problem, it is not, I guarantee it.

Elvine T., Randolph, NJ

This is the second set of tags I am buying from you guys. The first set were / are fabulous. I've never found an attractive tag that lasted more than 5-6 months for my dobergirl Sophie, but the one I bought from you still looks *great*. We are moving, so a new set is in order...but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your product. Thanks!

Lisa C.
Cotuit, MA

I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in my mailbox and saw that my Pet ID Tags were there already! I had just ordered a few days ago! And then to open the package and see what high quality tags they are! I am 100% satisfied and will gladly tell my friends and anyone who asks where I got these tags! Thanks for a great product and lightning fast delivery!

Hattie G, Appleton, WI

THIS IS CUTE: I received my CollarTag today for my new puppy and I think my other dog is jeaslous that the new tag doesn't hang or jingle. I guess I am going to have order one for him to keep him happy. Who knew a dog would get jealous over a tag??? Thanks so much!!!!

Ellen S., Albany, LA

I just placed an order for more tags. I think this is my 5th order from your company, and I absolutely love your pet id tags. I work with a cocker spaniel rescue group, and we are constantly looking for high quality, low cost tags for our dogs - which is where you come in! I always refer you to new pet owners, and your company is the only one I use for my personal dogs. As my information has changed, I have ordered new tags. They always arrive in superb quality and very quickly. I am very pleased with the product you offer and I will continue to purchase pet tags from your company as long as you are in business!

M Keller, Charleston, SC

I received my first order of three pet tags from your company today. My husband and I were very impressed with both the look and the quality of the tags. They are certainly all your site claims them to be. The plastic is of excellent quality, and the lettering is so clear and deeply etched. I know that these tags will last our pets a very long time... My husband and I are avid pet owners, and over the years we have purchased many tags from differenent companies... and yours are, by far, the best that we've seen. And we received them so quickly too. We will certainly not hesitate to recommend your tags to all our friends, and will also ask our vet to recommend them as well, as your tags far surpass the quality of any tags she carries order forms for in her office! Thank you very much for the quick service, and for providing us with such well-made nice looking tasg to protect our pets!

Denise B, Ewing, NJ

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I received my tags with lightning speed. The quality is unsurpassed! I absolutely love the CollarTag and would HIGHLY recommend it. Thanks!!!

Dana K, Santa Cruz, CA

We have a lot of animals, so we ordered 11 stainless steel tags from Boomerang Tags this past July and we were so pleased with the quality of the tags and your service we just ordered 8 more tags :) Boomerang Tags are so much better than any of the orther pet tags we've ordered in the past from those "mail order tag" flyers we find at the veterinarian's office, etc.

A Pyles, Palmer, AK

I wanted to thank you guys for your professional and efficient service. I ordered tags for Grace and they were in our mailbox two days after I placed the order! I was completely impressed. The quality of the tags is superior to anything I have seen available in stores.

Angela S., San Mateo, CA

I learned the hard way! I ordered tags from a different company a couple of weeks ago and I will be nice and just say "they don't even come CLOSE to the quality of your tags." I am placing another order with you immediately!


I have seen thousands of tags come through the vet office that I work at, and I have to say these tags are the top of the line for quality and durability. My boxers and mastiffs can't shake them loose, these are the first tags that I can honestly say rate a big "10" NOTE: This lady ordered the adjustable CollarTags, have no fear, these will not fall off, we guarantee it.

Judy L, Hollsopple, PA

Absolutely Awesome Fast Service!! I received the pet tag I ordered in just a couple of days-- amazing. AND THE QUALITY--Of all the tags for pets that I have ordered over the years, this is by far the very best--beautiful workmanship, superior quality, and very inexpensive and last but not least, the ability to have both sides printed is a super plus. Thank you so much.

Christy B., McDonough, GA

I consider myself someone who likes high quality items. I originally purchased a tag from a vending machine in one of those big pet stores, I bought it thinking "hey, a tag is tag is a tag" and it had a cool design on it, but, because it was so thin it also had an alarming edge on it which I removed with sandpaper. Flash forward 3 months and the design is all but worn away, and so is the engraving; you can barely read it anymore, which really frightens me because Stormie is such an important part of our family and I would hate to lose her. My wife opened the package from BoomerangTags (which came WAY faster than expected) and immediately commented on how good it looked, the letters were WAY deeper than the other tags, it had no sharp edges at all, and it was thick and sturdy feeling in your hand. I am telling you guys, THIS TAG ROCKS! I am going to have another tag made with all of Stormie's vet info on it and have her wear both at all times. I am not the kind of guy that usually writes these testimonials, but I was blown away with the difference in quality. Thanks!

Chris E., Port Orchard, WA

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are! I have just placed another order with you. This is my third or fourth time ordering. Your tags are the absolute best! Thank you for such a fine product and excellent service!

Jennifer S, Beverly Hills, CA

I finally found an honest website with a quality product. I ordered one ManTag and was so impressed I wanted to order three pet tags but your site was down, I waited - I was not going to order from someone else - I wanted your fantastic tags. These are simply the best I have ever seen, far better than claimed. Thanks.

Larry J.
Sherwood, AR

I received my tags today and am delighted. I could hardly believe that I received them so fast! You do have great tags and I will be sure to let my friends know about you.

Linda F., Newport, MI

Thank you for the great tags for my dog and cat. It hardly took any time to get the tags, they are far more legible than the last tags my pets had and your price is more reasonable. I will recommend you to anyone I hear about who needs tags. Thank you for the fine service.

Michael G., Healdsburg, CA

I ordered and received the 1 inch slide on CollarTag, WOW, great quality. Everyone in my search and rescue kennel was asking where I got the tag from. Nice Work!

Larry R., Conway, AR

The pet tags are here and are AWESOME!!!!! Plus, they came quickly! Thanks for a very high quality product!!and, super customer service!!

Mary and Richard L, Dexter, MI

I'm writing to express my pure appreciation for the pet id tag I just ordered from you 2 days ago... I have ordered close to 4 tags from your competitors in the last year for my dog and this by far is the nicest one I have received, the others fell off or just broke... Your timeliness in shipping the tag was shocking...I never expected to receive it in two days...incredible service! Keep up the super work...I know where I'll be shopping for pet id tags from now!

Jesse M, Lakeland, FL

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pet id tags we got from one of your competitors are just awful and cheaply made and cost more. Thanks so much!!

Mary L, Dexter, MI

Terrific website, easy ordering, fast mailing and great high-quality ID Tags. You guys are the best and we'll be ordering from you again! Thank you!

Rose B, Redwood City, CA

It's so refreshing to receive a product that actually meets and surpasses expectations. Thank you for the great and affordable Pet ID Tags -- the quality is exceptional.

Jennifer G, Laguna Beach, CA

I just wanted to say that I'm really impressed with the medical ID tags I ordered. Your quality and service is first rate for a very reasonable price. You certainly will be my first choice for any tags that I should need in the future. Thanks!

Steve N, Wilmington, DE

Received my dog's tag and LOVE IT!!! - High quality, solid & looks cool! THANKS

Kathy R, Palatine, IL

We just received our three tags today. They are AWESOME! Thank you SO much!!! We will tell all our dog owner friends about your tags!!!!!

Lee & Jon, Monroe, NC

Like your pet tag prices. Like your pet tag products. Like your pet tag service!

JoAnn T, West Chester, PA

Great service folks. I ordered a tag for my dog, Lucky. It arrived a few days later, the quality is excellent. The service was great and I shall be recommending you to my friends.

Daz W, Redmond, WA

I am impressed with your excellent service. You did exactly as advertised. The dog tag that I purchased is supreme. The cost was minimal and the delivery service was excellent!

Marsha K, Pickerington

The tag looks so regal, so now I have to order one for my nephew's dog, he liked mine so much. Thank you for a wonderful, affordable and high quality pet id tag.

Francine S., Burr Ridge

WONDERFUL PET TAGS! easy to order, excellint pricing for excellent quality, and super fast shipping. I had my order in hand two days after I placed it. Thank you!

Cindy D, Kirkland, WA

I just wanted to drop you a line and say we really like the quality and workmanship that you put into the pet tags you make. We are so glad we decided to purchase the tags for our pets from you. Anyone who asks about where they can get some good pet id tags, I am going to tell them about you folks.

Karen A, Williamsfield, OH

I purchased my original set of tags about 3 years ago...and they still look like new. I ordered another one today because we have a new family member and we want him protected as our other pets. I will ONLY purchase my pet tags from Boomerang because of the quality, no other tag can compare.

Tamara S., Wilmington, DE

Having lost many tags due to my rowdy Labs I was please to find the option of the CollarTags. The tags are all so finely crafted and legible...your pricing is the ABSOLUTE best I"ve seen...Thanks for such quality, pricing, and very nice id tag products.

Cynthia L, Foley, AL

I have been your customer for years and I am still amazed at your unique combination of high quality, prompt service and low price...

your service has always been excellent...I must say, you really hit the bullseye with your pet id tags.

Henry S., Pagosa Springs, CO

WOW!! The CollarTag is beautiful. It's apparent you are committed to quality and to satisfaction - Ordering was easy and delivery super fast. I'll recommend your tags and website to all my friends. Thank you so much.

Robbee F., Cleveland, OH

I have used your adjustable CollarTags on both my outdoor dogs for more than a year and they have held up beautifully. GREAT PRODUCT !!!

Julie J., High Ridge, MO

I just received my Boomerang Pet ID Tags. I am soooo happy with the purchase. I am amazed with how fast they got here. I am definitely going to recommend your pet tags. I will absolutely keep buying from you. Thank you so much!

Jennifer C., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Just a thank you! Love the site and the prices, ordered a pet tag and it was here in record time and flawless. Thanks!!!

Shelley G., Wildomar, CA

I will never order dog tags from anyone but Boomerand Pet ID Tags again. As a dog sports enthusiast I cannot speak highly enough of Don and his crew. I refuse to put cheap medalions on my championship dogs and niether should you. You won't find a better pet id tag than a Boomerang Tag!

Don F., Draper, UT

I recently ordered your adjustable CollarTags for my 20 sleddogs. My dogs are really tough on tags and the ones that dangle do not last. These guys love to adventure and it certainly gives me peace of mind to know that they can be identified if they should get loose. And: the tags can be moved to another collar when the old one wears out! Just perfect Pet ID Tags!

Jamie W., Willow, AK

We get so many compliments on our dogs' CollarTags. We love that they are form fitting on their collars and don't clink with their rabies tags. Even our vet asked where we got them, so we refer everyone to for pet id tags.

Georgia, Durham, NC

I wanted to let you know I think your Pet ID Tags are great, and so is your customer service. I ordered 5 Dog Tags from you recently. When one of the five was wrong your company was prompt to send out the corrected item (and they all look great). I was so happy with your company I just ordered two more Pet ID Tags for my mother's dogs. Thank You.

Kara B., Sahuarita, AZ

The Pet Tag we ordered from you arrived today and it's perfect.

Robert G., Brooksville, FL

I placed an order on Thursday for four of your double thick CollarTags and received the tags on Saturday (very fast service). My husband and I are VERY please with the CollarTags we received. They are very high quality and we have already had compliments on them!! Your description of the tags on the website as "cool" truly fits!!

Michelle K., St Louis, MO

The Pet Tags I received from you are by far the highest quality I have ever seen and your CollarTags are the most practical design I have ever come across. Thank you very much for promptly sending my order.

Nick B., Exeter, CA

I received the Pet Tags on Friday and couldn't rip the package open fast enough. They are so beautiful and they look absoluely stunning on my babies. They look more like jewelry than ID Tags, so I tell everyone about their "new jewelry" LOL!

God bless you for helping people like me feel better about our loved one's safety if something should ever happen.

Rachael R., Baton Rouge, LA

I stopped looking after visiting your site. I liked your "No Bull" style, the info was detailed, pictures were great, and the price was unbeatalbe. My tags arrived today and are all you said they would be...simply beautiful.

Curt K., Fair Oaks, CA

Just wanted to say that I just received the pets ID tags for my dogs, and they are awesome!! They look great, are very durable, and totally functional. Thank you for such great work.

Alexandra R., Hampton, NH

I received the pet tags for my dogs this week - they are perfect! Best dog tags I've ever seen. I ordered them on a Thursday and had them on Monday - perfect service! Great Pet Tags!! Thank you!!!!

Karin A., Avon Lake, OH

The tags arrived so fast and I'm absolutely delighted with them. Thank you.

Sherry M., Marysville, WA

I received my Boomerang Pet ID Tags in the mail a few days ago and I'm very pleased with them. The quality seems excellent... Thanks for the great site and great pet tags, along with the great price and fast shipment. You really have all the assets for those needing pet tags--price, quality and efficiency. I'm a vet tech and I'll be recommending your pet ID tags to many people.

Amy J., Miamisburg, OH

I received my dog tags and they are so great and so cute too!!! In fact even better than expected...

Maureen W., Vallejo, CA

Just got my Boomerang Pet Tag. I LOVE IT! You can actually read the information and I really love the ability to have information on the back too. I'm ordering another ID tag from you for her other collar.

Betsy S., Houston, TX

We received our pet tags, they are great! Better than we expected.

Susan L., Philadelphia, PA

Got our stainless Pet Tags this weekend - they are beautiful, and very high quality. Thanks! Will definately recommend you to others.

Edward P., Ann Arbor, MI

I just received my CollarTags in the mail and I couldn't be more impressed. They are very high quality and can't be beat for the price either; they fit very well on the collar...they won't slide at all. Kudos...great work!

Brad, Dublin, Oh

I received my Pet Tags today and I am very pleased with the quality and the amount of information that was able to be included on the Pet

Tags. I bought Metal Dog Tags at a pet store nearby (paid $3.00 more for each tag than you charge) and they both chipped as they were being engraved. Boomerang Pet ID Tags are clear and readable. Thank you so much

Debby H., Ringwood, NJ

Subject: Great Pet Tag

Thanks for the wonderful nylon CollarTag I received for my good dog Bruno, Its terrific! Your tags really are superior!

Laura P., Charlottesville, VA

These Pet Tags are **GREAT** I thank You so much for making a Quality product. Even though Amy's 2 Collars are a little different in width, your CollarTags fit both just fine. When I need to order other tags in the future they will be from you. And I will refer my friends also. Thanks.

Sue J., Bonny Lake, WA

These are the best Pet Tags I've ever seen. Thanks a million, I will be a life long customer.

Jack E., Seven Springs, NC

I just received my Pet ID Tag and am impressed by the quality of the plastic tag and the quick service, and you do have the best prices...

Patti B., Asheboro, NC

I wanted to write a short note here telling you how thrilled I am with the dog tags I received from you. My Cairn Terrier loves to chew on her tags and of course this makes them unreadable. I ordered one of your CollarTags and got it within a week. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and of course she cannot chew on this tag so I can finally rest easy that if she were to get loose the finder could read here information and return her to me. Thank you so much for a great product. I will recommend you to my family, friends and anyone else I see with a dog. Thank you very much !

Brenda L., Longmont, CO

We received Tacoma's new tag today and it is beautiful and wonderful. Thank you so much for your prompt service. We will recommend Boomerang Pet ID Tags to all our fellow dog owners !! Thanks again !

Stephanie G., Citrus Heights., CA

...tag arrived in today's mail, 5/12/03. Thank you so very much for the quick / professional service. Also, the quality of the tag is excellent. I don't know HOW you do all this for the low cost !!!

Margaret D., Fullerton, CA

I received both tags today and I am very please with them! Thank you so much! Every morning I take my dogs to our local "bark park." I am very sure that starting tomorrow, someone is going to ask about the tags (ordered CollarTags). I hope this brings you more business. These tags are GREAT !

Lisa G.

Just received the tags. We're thrilled with the quality and legibility. We'll definately always purchase from you in the future; glad to have found a company that delivers what it promises. Thanks.

We're extremely pleased!

Christi G., Abilene, TX

I just had to tell you how much I like your tags.

They are of incredible quality. I bought one for a house dog, gave it a test, and liked it so much I bought them for my entire kennel of over 40 dogs. They're all perfect. The shipping is so fast and you are a delight to work with... Thanks for a great / excellent product I have recommended you to friends and I hope they decide to order your tags because I know they'll be as happy with them as I am.

Jan D., Two Rivers, AK

Just received your tag for my pup in the mail. Thank You! I thought you would like to know how please I am with your product. The tag is

of great quality and enable me to provide so much more information than tags I have bought from other companies... I cannot rave enough about the quality of your tags. Thanks... again!

Maureen B., Ormond Beach, FL

Basically I just wanted to compliment you on the CollarTags. What a

brilliant idea! I have two very active dogs... Cooper has lost several other ID tags due to his rowdiness, but, I can tell there is

NO WAY he'll lose this one. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product and the timeliness in which I received our tags (I believe it was about 48 hours from the time I ordered them that they show up in the mail).

Stephanie, Roy, WA

I received my order today and I don't know how you do what you do for the price you charge. The tag I ordered is beautiful! Keep up the good work. If you want any recommendations let me know.

Steve W., Jackson, MI

I just received my ID Tag for Shadow. I had read all of the praise on the internet and was confident that it would be a great purchase, but, I have to write and say that the tag was even nicer than I thought it would be. It fit just right on Shadow's Collar (she bought an adjustable CollarTag) and is easy to read and polished so nicely - plus the metal is thick and sturdy. I can't believe it was only $5.99!! (including mailing charges) I will tell all my dog loving friends about you.

Amber D., Cleveland Hts., OH

Thank you so much for your FAST shipment, and great Quality Tags. Your business is one of the best online shopping experiences I have had! I will pass the word along!

Karena, Girdwood, AK

Boomerang Tags are the best!! This is the second tag I ordered for my cat.. No, the first one is not worn out, in fact after years of abuse it still looks good as new!! Your service is outstanding, fast and reliable. Also there was a typo on the first tag I ordered and I got a free replacement within days. Amazing! Totally recommended!

Pardi, Seattle, WA

I just received my tags for my two dogs and these are the nicest tags I have ever seen, and I can't believe how fast you guys got them to me, and how nice they are, and what a great price!!! I will tell everyone I know about you. Thank you very much

Michele H., Belleview, FL

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I received my dog tag a few days ago and I absolutely love it. The letters are large and clear and the service was fantastic. I know a lot of dog owners and I'm going to recommend you highly to them. This is by far

the nicest tag I have ever purchased. Thank you much again!!!!

Felicia C., Ansonia, CT

I bought one of your tags just over a year ago. My Daughter

got tired of hearing me tell everyone about how great it was.

Now, over a year later, it still looks new. This is my dog's

third and last tag. I almost wish something would destroy it

because I want to buy another one. Maybe it'll slip off by


S. McCoy

I was sitting in an off leash dog park by the beautiful San Francisco Bay, chatting while our dogs played chase. Her dog cam up to me to be petted and I noticed her CollarTag. I asked the woman:

"Is that a BoomerangTag?" she smiled broadly and said "WOW! How did you know? I love their tags."

I replied "Because I'm hooked on their plastic tags. I have a variety of colors, round and bone shaped for Quinn's various collars."

Your plastic tags are wonderful! In credibly durable, bright and eye catching. Because my Quinn loves to swim, her metal license tag is

worn and rusty, but your plastic tag looks brand new. I guess I've

been so pleased with your plastic tags I never got far enough down your web site to see the adjustable CollarTags, I thought this type of tag was out for me. Thanks to Buffy showing me her collar I've put in an order for two new tags. Thank you for a simple website, incredibly fast service, and clear crisp lettering on the tags.

They are the best!

Laurie R., San Francisco, CA

Hi, I ordered four Pet Tags from you last year and they have held up beautifully. I ordered the Dog Tags from you on a Friday and received them on the following Monday which was amazingly fast. I won't order tags anywhere else. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Mary W., Redlands, Ca

I just received my tag today, second one I have ordered from you, they look great on my dogs...haven't seen any that compare. Highly

recommend your product.

Ronnie D., Acworth, GA., Jan 27, 2003

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how satisfied I am with the two dog tags that I purchased from you. Your tags are sturdy, legible, accurate, inexpensive and arrive VERY quickly. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no shipping costs on top of the tag cost. I purchased the small dog bone tag about 3 mos ago and just this past week the large heart shaped tag for my newest member of the family.

You are definitely tops in my mind and will pass on your web site info to all my animal lover friends!

Debbi M, Mentor, OH

The quality of the Boomerang Tags is Fantastic! Your extremely quick service is second to none. Website navigation is child's play . . . Bravo! Thank you for your excellent products. I was so pleased with Miko's first tag, I just finished ordering an additional two tags. I highly endorse Boomerang Tags for those whom want to provide their pet(s) with the best ID tags available. Thanks, keep up the great work!

Andrew Yee, California

I just got Graham's new tag in the mail yesterday. To tell you the truth, since I paid less then $4.00 for the tag, including shipping, I was expecting a lower quality tag. I was SO wrong! The tag was the highest quality tag I have ever seen! Very, very clear letters but what impressed me the most is the thickness of the plastic tag. The cut is thicker then any other tag I have seen, it's thicker and sturdier and I am very impressed. Thank you for the best (and least expensive) tag I have ever seen. I will refer you to any- one needing pet ID tags, because so many companies, with exception to you, sacrifice quality for a larger profit. You are both less expensive then all the competitors, but you are also higher quality! Graham and I thank you.

Leslie Loughren, Michigan

I have searched high and low for quality dog tags - Boomerang Tags have stopped my search. These tags are the BEST!! Thank you so much for offering such a great tag, and as if that weren't enough - they are so affordable! such a great price... Thanks for offering such a great product!

C. Beutin, New Mexico

The tags arrived today and are perfect in every detail! These are the nicest pet tags I've seen in 20 years.... Clear and easy to read engraving (as opposed to those found in quicky machines at pet stores) and out of really nice and heavy stainless steel material (also unlike those found in quicky machines at pet stores). As an added and pleasantly surprising occurrence, your tags cost 40% less than ones of lesser quality.

I received my dog, Cheyenne's tag on Monday and it is perfect! From the top notch quality of your product, to your friendly and helpful service, I have been nothing less the impressed. I will certainly be using your company again.

Just want to say "thank you" for providing a quality product,and for replacing my dog's tag at no charge when it became damaged under mysterious circumstances. You have been very pleasant to deal with and your customer service is "top notch."

Nancy D, Tacoma, WA

Many pet tags break and wear down. You make the highest quality tags around! We have yet to have a tag break or become unreadable. Your work is excellent and your service can't be beat. All of the dogs we adopted out to permanent families go home with a Boomerang Tag.

Kelly Dwyer
New Leash on Life Animal Rescue

Tags from Quality Engraving / Boomerang Tags are the only tags The Brittany Foundation will buy. We are a dog rescue and placement organization in Los Angeles. Whenever we place a dog in a new home we make sure it is wearing one of your tags. We use about 300 tags a year. They are very strong and durable, the lettering is always centered and clear. Your service is first rate and we are confident that the tags we get from you are the best tags we can provide people adopting our dogs. Thank you!!! We appreciate your quality, service and product.

Nancy Anderson
The Brittany Foundation

The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control and it's support foundation, The Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation have utilized Quality Engraving / Boomerang Pet Tags to supply a variety of identification and specialty tags.

During the past nine years, literally more than 50,000 of your double-sided tags have been sent to pet owners in Los Angeles County. The Quality of the merchandise has been outstanding and the service exemplary. Periodically we compare price and quality with other custom vendors, and to date your product has been clearly superior.

We have no hesitation in recommending Quality Engraving, makers of Boomerang Pet Identification Tags, to anyone interested in obtaining the best quality tag.

Frank R. Andrews
Director Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control

Your Tags are perfect!

Genora Hall

Your tags are the best! We send one of your plastic tags home with every dog we adopt out..... Unlike metal tags, the numbers and the information don't get worn off after years of use and remain legible for the lifetime of the dog.... Thanks for providing such a great product to our needy rescued dogs.

Pet Orphans Fund

No Quibble Guarantee

If, after receiving your tag(s) you don't agree they are as nice, or nicer, than any Pet ID Tag you have ever seen, just return them for a complete "no quibble" refund. You can't beat that. We guarantee your satisfaction with any tag you purchase from us. We guarantee our plastic tags will not break for at least two years from the date of purchase. We guarantee our CollarTags™ will remain "functional" for the life of your pet and we will replace them free of charge if they ever become unreadable. Please note that a free replacement tag will have the same exact information as that which was engraved on the original tag. (On a warranty replacement tag, changes are not allowed to the pet name, phone number, et cetera.)

What we do GUARANTEE:

  • We guarantee your satisfaction with any tag you purchase from us.
  • We guarantee our plastic tags will not break.
  • We guarantee our CollarTags™ will remain "functional" for the life of your pet. We will replace them free of charge if they ever become unreadable.

Please note that a free replacement tag will have the same exact information as that which was engraved on the original tag. (On a warranty replacement tag, changes are not allowed to the pet name, phone number, et cetera.)

What we do NOT guarantee:

  • We do not guarantee tags against loss.
  • We do not guarantee the instructions you send us to be correct.
  • We do not guarantee collars we sell against wearing out: Dogs are very hard on their "things." Of course, we have endeavored to find the best collars available. We offer collars as a convenience to our customers, but we cannot guarantee the collars we sell against anything since they will not last indefinitely. Eventually, the collar you purchase from us (or anyone else) may wear out and a new collar will need to be purchased. However, we DO guarantee that the CollarTags will not fall off or wear out. Remember that a CollarTag can be moved to a new collar when your pet's current collar needs to be replaced. The stainless steel of our CollarTags will last much longer than most collars.

"Quality product, quick and FREE delivery, what more can a person ask for? Thanks!!!"
Stephani S. / Omak, WA / 8-17-02

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