No Quibble Guarantee

If, after receiving your tag(s) you don't agree they are as nice, or nicer, than any Pet ID Tag you have ever seen, you are welcome to return it/them for a complete "no quibble" refund. You can't beat that.

What we do GUARANTEE:

  • We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of any tag you purchase from us.
  • We guarantee our plastic tags will last for two years from the date of purchase and will not break or come apart due to a manufacturering defect. However, we cannot guarantee tags to be "chew" proof.
  • We guarantee our CollarTags™ will remain "functional" for the life of your pet. We will replace a tag free of charge if they ever become unreadable. (Please see below regarding our collars.)

Please note that a free replacement tag will have the same exact information as that which was engraved on the original tag. (On a warranty replacement tag, changes are not allowed to the pet name, phone number, et cetera.)

What we do NOT guarantee:

  • We do not guarantee tags or collars against loss.
  • We do not guarantee the instructions you send us to be correct. When you place your order, please carefully double-check that you are ordering the correct type of tag, size, and that all of the text (phone number, etc) is correct. If the order was placed incorrectly, please place and pay for another order to obtain a corrected replacement.
  • We do not guarantee collars we sell against wearing out: Dogs are very hard on their "things." We offer collars as a convenience to our customers, and we have endeavored to find the best collars available. We cannot guarantee the collars we sell against anything, they will not last indefinitely. Eventually, the collar you purchase from us (or anyone else) may wear out and a new collar will need to be purchased.
    However, we DO guarantee that any CollarTag™ will not wear out nor fall off of the correct-width collar. Remember that a CollarTag™ can be moved to a new collar whenever your pet's current collar inevitably does end up needing to be replaced.

"Quality product, quick and FREE delivery, what more can a person ask for? Thanks!!!"

Stephani S. / Omak, WA

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