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I love the internet, finally a chance to tell the world, to "tell it like it is"

You are buying a Pet I. D. Tag to protect your pet from loss. Function/Durability is the most important consideration. We make the most durable tags available, our priority is a tag that will still be on your pet and readable years after you purchase it. Don't choose a tag based on cute. Our tags are as good looking as they get, but they are also more durable than the tags produced by any other manufacturer. I guarantee that our profit margin, per tag, is lower than that of any other tag manufacturing company. The profit margin is lower because we put more of the money you pay for one of our tags into the "ingredients" we use to make your pet's tag. This means they are a better value to you, the pet owner, and do a better job of protecting your pet from loss.

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Boomerang Tags vs. The Competition:

Boomerang Tags "For Pets That Come Back"

We use the highest quality "ingredients" to make the most durable tags possible. Plastic tags are made from tougher, more expensive type of plastic than that used by any other manufacturer (a verifiable fact). One-eight inch thick (many competitors tags are 1/16 or 3/32) all our plastic tags are engraved, all come with a stainless-steel eyelet. Stainless Steel tags are engraved with a secret process, which allows us to get a deep letter. Hardware used to attach the tag to the pet's collar is of a heavier gauge than that used by any other manufacturer we know of. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

Our CollarTags are virtually indestructible and will last for as long as you own your pet. We now have CollarTags available for almost every type of pet collar: Nylon or Leather, 3/8 thru 1 inch wide, buckles or plastic snaps (adjustable collars), and even doulbe-thick-nylon collars with eyelets in the buckle holes. They can be used on Martingale Collars, Invisible Fence Collars, Harnesses, Rolled Leather Collars and Aspen Comfort Collars.
I strongly recommend this style of tag.

PLEASE! For pet's sake!! check these out.
Click here to visit our CollarTags™ Page
and see if we have a style that will fit your pet's collar, odds are we do.

Vending Machine Tags available in the big box stores:

Limited information engraved lightly on anodized aluminium. These tags are like hamburgers from a fast food chain, yes you get them fast, but are they really what you want? The tag comes with a light ring that does a very poor job of securing the tag to the pet's collar. The lettering is very shallow in a soft metal (ALUMINIUM) and wears off in a matter of months on active animals. Aluminum is anodized to produce color, this wears off very quickly leaving a gray tag which can leave a dark spot on the coat of light colored pet fur.

I asked one of the ladies who buys my tags for her rescue organization:

"Have you ever bought one of those tags from the vending machines?"
"Yes, I tried one once when I really needed something in a hurry."
"How long did it take for the lettering to wear off."
"No idea, the ring was so flimsy that two days later I noticed it had straightend out and the tag was gone."

Put yourself in my shoes: You make these really nice, durable, high-quality pet tags and you see people paying five dollar, or more, for a piece of junk that won't last one-tenth as long as your tags will. Why? Because they like to watch the machine work? they can't wait 3 to 5 days to get a really good tag through the mail? they want to, over the life of their pet, pay $50 or more for identification tags (assuming they don't lose the pet first, before they replace the worn out vending machine tag). It makes my blood boil!!!

TELLING IT LIKE IT IS: Are people offering you these tags interested in your pet's safety? or just in separating you from your money? My suggestion: Don't buy anything from a store that is willing to offer you these tags, they don't have their priorities in order.


Pet Tag Manufactures are "a dime a dozen" these days. It seems like everyone thinks all they have to do is buy a machine and go into business... I have been making pet identification tags since 1971, I know what I'm doing. If you want to get your lost pet back buy one of my Boomerang Tags, put it on your pet and forget about it. Nothing lasts forever, but the tags I make are the most durable you can find and will provide years of protection. "I put one of your plastic tags on my pet, it was still readable eight years later."

The Bottom Line : If you could see one of our competitor's tags next to one of ours and then choose between them, you would choose the BOOMERANG TAG. If you order one of our tags and are not happy with the product for any reason just return it, let us know why, and we will either make you a new tag or refund the purchase price.

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