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If you have a question about our products or your order, the answer is likely already posted on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a question please check our FAQ Page prior to contacting us by email.

We are available for your questions, concerns, or general comments. Please feel free to email us at any time using the form below. I field emails promptly Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3(ish) p.m., Pacific Time.

 Best contact method:   Send us an email

Note: Before sending an email please be sure your email system will allow a send from the, "" domain to be delivered. I reply to all inquires promptly. On occasion I receive a complaint that I have failed to answer an inquiry even though I have. This is often due to the recipient's email system having rejected my reply. I generally spend a good deal of time composing comprehensive replied to all questions; it is frustrating when these replies are rejected by the sender's email system. If your email system rejects my reply, or filers it into your spam or junk mail folder, you may then conclude I am ignorning you... I do not ignore any email I receive but if your system rejects my reply...

If you do not know your order number please provide the pet name(s) and the mailing zip code for your order.

Emails we receive that have blank subject lines or that are not clearly related to pet tag business may be deleted without being opened. (This because such emails are assumed to be junk mail or mail that may contain a virus.) Provided you make it clear in the subject line that your email is related to tag business I will read and respond to your send within a few hours or less (Mon - Fri 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific Time).


We do our best to earn your good review through our service and No Quibble Guarantee.
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Please email us using the form below.

NOTE: Please refer to your order number in the subject line of all emails regarding order inquiries, if you do not know your order number please reference the pet name and order mailing zip code.
We would love to hear from you!

We appreciate any comments you have about our tags, our service, or our web site. We do get busy, though, so please read our FAQ for answers to common questions. If you don't find the answer there, then email us.

We promise 24 hour mailing (Monday thru Friday). We send all orders via U.S. First Class Mail (same service one uses to pay a bill by mail). Most orders arrive in 3 to 5 business days*, but some do take longer. We do refill any order that fails to arrive within 12 business days free of charge. Please do not contact us prior to 12 business days from the day you placed your order. Prior to that all we can tell you is what we already have told you, i.e., that your order has been mailed to the requested address…

* Business days do not include Sundays or Federal Holidays (Columbus Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, etc.).

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If you really need to reach us, please use the form above to email me about your issue. Note: It cannot be overstated, eMail is the best contact method. We no longer answer phone calls live, this due to too many telemarketing calls wasting our time. I reply to ALL emails within 24 hours or less Monday thru Friday.

Mailing address:    PO Box 417, Pismo Beach, CA 93448   USA

Phone 805 544-3025 / emails are the superior contact method and will result in faster replies. Our physical location is 946 Griffin St., Grover Beach, CA this is an industrial shop, not a retail location, we do not do walk in sales.

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