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Adjustable Collar Tag - Collar
Adjustable Collar Tag
For ADJUSTABLE LENGTH COLLARS that close with a clasp or snap type buckle. Tags are made of Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel .060 thick and bent to match the curve of your pet's neck.
We guaranteed they will not fall off.
We have this style in sizes that fit on:
3/8 inch wide collars, use the mini size
1/2 inch wide collars, use the mini size
5/8 inch wide collars, size small
3/4 inch wide collars, size medium
1.0 inch wide collars, size large

This CollarTag design will work on any single-ply nylon webbing, and again: We GUARANTEE they will not fall your pet's collar provided you order the appropriate size based on the width of the collar the pet you are ordering the tag for wears. This is the correct CollarTag to order for Martingale and Invisible Fence collars. This style CollarTag also works on harnesses made from standard single-ply nylon webbing. In short this is the CollarTag Design to order for any webbing (collar or harness) that does not allow you to slide a CollarTag onto due to a clasp – or for any other reason.

Order Mini Adjustable CollarTags™ here

Note on size selection:
The size CollarTag you need is based on the width of the collar your pet wears.
No other factor affects CollarTag size selection. If you measure the collar width, and then select the radio button below that reflects that measurement, you will get a CollarTag that fits your pet's collar every time.

Price: $12.49   Free Shipping (USA only)No Tax
Tag Size:

Fits Collar Width:
      3/8 inch
      5/8 inch
      3/4 inch
      1 inch

Please fill in the information that you wish to include on your tag.

    1. "Quotation" marks are only put around your pet's name if you enter them.
    2. All tags are engraved in uppercase characters.
    3. Mini Tags have a line limit.

Before entering your text, if you haven't been there yet, you may want to visit the page about How we engrave your pet's tag.
Front side of tag:  fjkbdb88qco7qfqg3gsn6i02r3
The fields below are a suggestion, you may type in any information you wish.
Pet Name:

    1. "Quotation" marks are only put around your pet's name if you enter them.
    2. All tags are engraved in uppercase characters.
    3. Mini Tags have a line limit.

Regarding Security: This is a secure site. During checkout, your order is encrypted. If your browser issues a security warning, it has no way of "knowing" the credit card information will be encrypted once you "check out". HAVE NO FEAR! Your credit card information CANNOT be observed by a third party while your order is coming across the Internet on its way to us. Also for your protection, we do not keep ANY of your credit card information on file.
We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex / American Express  

No Quibble Guarantee
We guarantee your satisfaction with a Boomerang Tag. If you are not happy with a tag you receive from us, for any reason, merely include a brief description of the reason and return it for a complete refund. In almost all cases, if a tag you receive from us breaks, or the lettering wears off, we will replace the tag free of charge. A replacement tag may only be exactly the same as the original tag, with the same text engraving. Changes are not allowed (e.g., to pet name, phone number, or address) on a warranty replacement tag. Click here for the full terms.

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